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I use pipe insulation and that yellow foam you get in the sewing section of walmart.
you could always cut up an old shirt fluff it it with like cotton balls. sew it together and glue it in. just an inexpensive idea.
you can buy motorcycle helmet padding thats all put together but i dont know if it will fit, you could always buy some sponges though hehehe. I think sponges would work fine.
My Helmets got motorcycle helmet padding link installed

EDIT: lol sorry bout photo, i dont know why its acting up.
motorcycle shop..there the same band as the shields that we use ;-) i might do smoe custom ones later on
yeah i sto......borrowed a bunch of motorcycle cataloges from my art teacher and they have padding for sale in them, and some awesome under armor, and of course visors, mabey i should scan some of them and upload them.
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