Painting advice on helmet


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Hi! isnt my first time here, readed lots of posts and finally i registered.
I have made a andariel's visage (diablo videogame helmet) and need advice painting it with spray cans, horns will be black / dark brown and face i'm between shiny gold and matte gold.
it's my first project so its my first time with all fases.
This is in what i'm working, still need some sanding and put hot glue on horns for make the form of ram horns:
20161022_215702.jpg 20161107_175625.jpg 20161107_175601.jpg 20161113_133828.jpg 20161122_205108.jpg 20161125_193657.jpg
What do you think? sniny gold or mate gold? thx!


I say going off the images I found it would be matte gold and the horns are gray(grey) but that is if you want it to look like in the game. If you are not concerned with exact color go for gloss ( shiny) gold