Painting Technique - Version 2

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Hey Adam,
Just wanting to say thanks for the tut. Finally tried it out my suit and looks a hell of a lot better now. ^^

- Adulese


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Wow i would of never of thought of using the rag idea to get those details

thanks man you made it easier now for me to make my armor


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it's funny that one of the best video tutorials on this site has no vocals what so ever and I feel like I've learned it so well.. I guess its really good for visually kinesthetic learners like me.


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Hey man!

Pardon my language, but this totally kicks ass dude!!

I'm doin this with my friends ODST helmet, and I'm wondering about that silver stuff you used to do the battlewear.

What's it called, where can I get some and how much would it cost?

And do i have to do the layers u did before or no?




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This video has just made somthing that i belived took alot of time and alot of fiddly bit look so easy. i've always wondered how all you guys put the battle damage on. Great video. will deffinatly help me out alot
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