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Painting Technique - Version 2

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Adam, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Darth Malevelus

    Darth Malevelus Active Member

    Not only is the armor awesome! But so is the paint job and the weathering!

    Please give us a shopping list, of the paint and the colors you used and in what sequence!

    Id be interested to see more of your work!

    Great job M8!
  2. kadidlehopp

    kadidlehopp Jr Member

    i like your paint job but that video isnt really a tutorial *says in discrition on youtube NOTA TUTORIAL!*id like to copy your idea i just need to know you BASE color. what color did u use before any else or is that the molds color comeing out of......the mold....

    (if you read the comments on your youtube vid than you should reconize that last bit...lolz)

    you should make a list of all of the colors you used..
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  3. Dreadnought

    Dreadnought Well-Known Member

    Heh, could have just PMed him, instead of Necroin a post from last year :p

    Regardless I love your tuto-....video :p
  4. Twitchfmx8811

    Twitchfmx8811 Well-Known Member

    Yea you could have also learned to read the other posts besides the 1st one like I had to do to find the colors.
  5. Arowin

    Arowin Jr Member

    Wow. I saw this vid on YouTube a while back. Didn't realise you were the one that made it :)

    Good job. I plan on doing this for mine (a long way away :p)
  6. Twitchfmx8811

    Twitchfmx8811 Well-Known Member

    I just got around to painting my helmet. Im following this tut and when I go to wipe off the black all it does is smear and mix with the oregano and looks like trash. It looks like its drying too fast. I guess to say it short and simple is it smears not wipes off. Do I just need to get a different black paint (ive already tried two different brands) or do I need to try something different to wipe it off with?
  7. Matthijs

    Matthijs Member

    Isn't this kinda necro posting? Last post was like Dec 3 2007, 12:10 AM. Then suddenly Apr 11 2008, 02:48 AM.
  8. Twitchfmx8811

    Twitchfmx8811 Well-Known Member

    well I figured since my question is DIRECTLY related to this post and since its a tutorial there was no need to create a whole new topic on it. I think ive been around long enough to know whats worthing bringing back and whats not.
  9. Matthijs

    Matthijs Member

    Not you, I meant the guys before you.;)
    About your question, I have the same problem. I think you need some kind of special piece op cloth or something :p
  10. Twitchfmx8811

    Twitchfmx8811 Well-Known Member

    Oh ok sorry for jumping down your throat about it then. :p
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  11. Serpent ZX

    Serpent ZX Jr Member

    Cloth? It doesn't have to be special, per-say... Just something that isn't too absorbant, dry, and also that doesn't leave much lint behind. Usually you can buy painter's rags at stores in bunches. They are lint free, and not treated with chemicals like any soaps or detergents which could just mess with the paint or rags themselves. Also, it's best if you wait for the paints to fully dry... I mean FULLY dry before black washing. Since, when painting, the solvents in the wet paint start to reactivate the dry paint, making it tacky, and able to smear. Try not to rub too hard, or too much. Spray just enough so you only have to make about 2, or 3 wipes in mostly the same direction. After all, black washing is really only meant to fill in scratches, and recessed areas, and to slightly darken your color. If your afraid to try something on your finished product, ALWAYS test your technique on something else with very similar characteristics. And follow the same steps, and try to mimic the same conditions... Temperature, humidity, direct sun, same room or environment, if using a heat gun... Anything. Also, what material your painting makes a difference also. The hardness, and texture.

    Most people make the mistake of not really giving the paints enough time to flash off, and dry. They think that as soon as it's dry to the touch, they can do whatever, when it's just the surface that's dry, and the paint is still flashing underneath, by evaporating through. Adam, and some of these other guy's are in a very hot, dry area, so spray painting is quick, and they have an advantage. Even Adam said, make sure they are really dry.

    To be on the really safe side, I let a day pass before coats.
  12. kadidlehopp

    kadidlehopp Jr Member

    hey guys i was wondering what colors these were in mayby tremclad cause when you live way up in the north of canada you dont get all of these fancy colors like orengo in americain accents all we got is tremclad in like all of our shops so.. yeah.. if any one could help me on that then that be awsome. ive looked around the site now for like 3days and i got nuttin
  13. Seno Ypsamee

    Seno Ypsamee Well-Known Member

    There are a lot of members located in Canada, you might wanna PM them to see if they've found anything ;)

    Also, if you can, you can order these paint colors on the web.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  14. Zaso117

    Zaso117 Well-Known Member

    I PMed Adam with your exact question awhile back twitch.

    He said...

    Make sure that you don't just wait the fifteen minutes or so that the bottle has on it, because that wont be enough to add the accents. Give it a good amount of time first.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  15. Serpent ZX

    Serpent ZX Jr Member

    I made a small tut on painting that I have basically used for years. It's pretty much the same technique Adam uses, but it explains a lot more.

    Go here for my tutorial.
  16. Ronin

    Ronin Jr Member

    I watched the video and I think someone mentioned it? I thought Adam was using auto primer for the wash.
    I went to Walmart and purchased "dark grey auto primer" . I tried it and it works good! It is not as "thick" as regular paint or primer. You can't spray to big of a area at one time or it will not wipe off. Oh and I used a sock to wipe with.
  17. chance1138

    chance1138 New Member

    I know it's been a month since anyone posted on here, and this is my first post, so I hope I'm not making anyone angry by replying here.

    I just wanted to mention a technique that I have used on the two pieces I have completed so far. After adding primer, I very lightly sprayed some 3M rubberized undercoating on the armor. Not very much, but just enough to look like someone "sneezed" the coating onto it. From there, you can paint it like normal. The undercoating adds a cool texture to the regular paint, and if your next coat of paint is relatively light, you can even see some of the black speckles through it. I found that when coupled with the excellent techniques shown by Adam, it adds a nice weathered look to the armor. It probably isn't for everyone, but you might try it out if you are going for a "battle-damaged" look.
  18. EliteRouge

    EliteRouge Jr Member

    hmmmm.... I too live "way north" in Canada (mid Alberta) but I was able to find Rustoleum Oregano in the local Home Depot. Also you don't have to use the exact same brand and colour as the masters of Spartan armour use. Just experiment and hey its only paint it can be painted over.
  19. Zaso117

    Zaso117 Well-Known Member

    This sounds like a very detailed, and well thought suggestion. I would encourage you to post pics of this. It may provide useful to some members
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  20. Spartan S17

    Spartan S17 New Member

    wow that looks really awesome
  21. Matthijs

    Matthijs Member

    OMGWTFBBQ necropost!
    I know, but it's not really necessary to start a new topic about this.
    I tried blackwashing like 200 times and i keep wiping off all the paint. What can be the problem? The black paint, the green paint, or the primer? I don't rub the paint.
    You guys use Black or Dark gray Automotive Primer. Does it have to be primer? I use normal black paint. And what does the Automotive mean? Like it's for cars?


  22. Twisting Neather

    Twisting Neather

    I tried blackwashing like 200 times and i keep wiping off all the paint.

    How long are you letting the paint dry borfore you do this? Its best to wait a full day before you blackwash.

    You guys use Black or Dark gray Automotive Primer.
    I use the dark grey, but differnt people use differnt colors.

    Does it have to be primer?
    Its ostly a matter of prefernce, It also breaks up the gloss of the paint, and gives it a more weathered look.

    I use normal black paint.
    Normal is such a meaningless term, whats normal for you isnt nessacarily normal for other people.

    And what does the Automotive mean? Like it's for cars?
    Yes, automotive means for cars. It tends to be a higher quality, creating a much smoother finish over all. (If you know what it is you are doing)

    Please take note, some of my comments are purly for enertainment purposes only. I mean no offese and encourage people to ask questions. If have anything else you need to know feel free to PM a Q&A team member, like myself. We're here to help you out with things like this.
  23. Matthijs

    Matthijs Member

    How long are you letting the paint dry borfore you do this? Its best to wait a full day before you blackwash.
    Uhhm... half a year (seriously)

    Normal is such a meaningless term, whats normal for you isnt nessacarily normal for other people.
    The cheapest spraycan of blackpaint I could find.

    Thanks for your answer :)

  24. falcon NL

    falcon NL Well-Known Member

    Well the paint that i normal use is Duplicolor paint, you can find in at Hallforts or at Hornbach. They sell glossy and mat primer. If you look closely at the video that isn't wiping, the is smearing (smeren dus matthijs...). I looks easy because the grooves in adam's armor a pretty deep, so the paint easy sticks.

    I normaly use a airbrush for the little paint work, so if you need to someone to do it for you ;)
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  25. Amadi510

    Amadi510 New Member

    this technique rox ^^ i'll use them... look easy...

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