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I've been messing around with painting techniques to try and get the "halo 3" dirty legs thing going on. I'll let you know how it progresses:


This one was still wet, so it looks like wet mud. Not what I want, ya know... there is no wet mud in the desert.

Also, there is a great tutorial by Jedistine on RPF

had a lot of question on how to do this so I took some pictures.

1. paint armor with Krylon fussion metallic shimmer # 2338 "nickle shimmer"
Let dry


2. Apply tooth paste to areas that should get wear, edges and so on, I use old fashion "Pepsodent"


3. paint armor wtih Krylon fussion "satin black" let dry.


4. again apply tooth paste to previous areas, making them wider and longer. Also add new areas
that you might just want the black to show through.


5. Paint with final color.


6. After a few hours of drying wash with soap and water, using a rag, rinse under a hose and look what happens.



More Pictures at RC PICTURES
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I really like the muddy shins... looks great so far.

I use texture paint underneath my gold base and Woodland Green Mettalic... but this is so much more advanced than I have attemted.

Great work. (y)
(i guess this topic would be a good place to talk about this)
I am thinking of colors to paint my new armor (soon to be here)
I want to use Rustoleum Automotive primer (is that a good idea?)
then throw ontop of it Rustoleum Metallic Blue
Does anyone here Lacquer their armor to make it more pretty? (haha)
Im shooting for a Deep Sea Blue look.
The primer should work fine if as long as the surface is sanded a little.
Makes the paint stick a little better.

I haven't tried lacquer over my paint.... I was totally satisfied with it
without, and worried that it might change the hue too much. Also I think
that the thicker the paint on someting like this, the more likely it is to
scratch off. I could be wrong, but thats been my impression.

Just make sure that you're 100% satisfied with the color before you do
something like this. You never know when you might change your mind
later and will have to sand through whatever you put on it.

Keep in mind too that you can get some really amazing colors if you use
Automotive colormatched paint... you can get literally ANY color you see
on a car.
In this technique, I'm trying to add some texture to the paint to make it feel more like the cast metal that we saw in the first Halo 3 Trailer. Here's what I came up with:


Now, the picture doesn't do the paintjob justice, AND I'm not even done shaping my chest piece. I just got bored and decided to test some paint techniques out on it. Notice the grooves in the bottom of the "rib cage" aren't yet cut out.

I did go a little overboard with the grime/tarnish, but I am very much liking what I'm learning. Since this whole part will be sanded back down, and repainted, I'm not worried.

Anyways, to get a little more texture outta your paint, and make the armor a little more metallic/cast looking. I took a sock and dabbed the paint almost immediately after spraying. The sock sticks to the paint and pulls it up a little bit, giving it a nice rough texture. I'll try and get some better pictures later, but if anyone wants to try this technique out, I like the results.

Also, it is a very good idea to get a silver "paint pen" from the marker isle at your local walmart or whatever. This works wonders for the "metalic" wear, and is much simpler than the toothpaste method.
looking really nice. Might want to lighten it up a little if you're going for the trailer color, but it looks sweet. nice job man, thanks for the update.


Thats a sweet paintjob.
The texture and grime and battle damage are top notch!

Keep it up, can't wait to see more!
its just a test... the final product will be a lot better than this one is....
here's a different picture.


I can't wait until it's done, but I can't rush it, or it won't look right.
WHOA! that's really friggin good. :mrgreen: btw still cant beleive i fell so hard for the april fools joke of yours :evil: ahhahaha congrats
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