paper pep helmet

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could i use pep to print out the pages for the helmet (I allready have the pages printed) than cut out simalar peices of card board to stablize it?
or should i just buy 110lb card paper
If you mean without using resin and fiberglass, yes you could, it will make it somewhat stonger. Fiberglass is worth the time and money though.

If you mean doing it before applying resin and fiberglass you would be wasting your time 110lb is stong enough to handle the resin and fiberglass.
If you want a glob of paper when resining it, then use printing paper, if you want a quality helmet, use cardstock.
Yeah, regular computer paper is useless. My friend tried that and ... well ... it looks nothing like a master chief helmet.
he meens if he can cut thin card bord out from print paper then glue the card bord like card. i dont know if he wants to resin or not.
I first printed out everything on computer paper, and redid it all on cardstock when i felt how flimsy it was.

Believe me, even if you have to wait a week for cardstock, its' worth it.
Believe me, doing that will take many more hours. Plus, cardboard being thicker, it wont bend as well on those tiny tabs and folds, cardstock is solid, strong, and think, go with cardstock.
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