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    (updated 03-9-2017 by "Cadet")

    The following links are to threads that were formerly Stuck at the top of the forum. These are topics that may answer important questions you have, or may just contain important info related to the 405th’s Pepakura & Cardboard Armor discussion.

    New threads may be added to this Sticky Index, so check back often.

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    Official Pepakura Scaling Thread
    Pepakura Scaling Thread, by RedSleighDown

    How to Make Good Folds for Pepakura Armor
    How To Fold Pepakura Armor Tutorial, by IceMan29

    The “Official” 405th Database Thread
    The Official 405[SUP]th[/SUP] Pep File Database, by MissingSpartan7

    Resining & Fiberglassing Tutorial How-To
    Using Fiberglass & Resin Tutorial, by Long Shot

    Tutorial- Pepakura Building for Dummies (or Noobs)
    Using Pepakura for Armor Building Tutorial, by rvb4life

    INFO: How to Measure the Size of Your Pepakura Project
    How to Measure Distances in Pepakura Designer, by dodgerfan226 (Added 08-05-2014)

    Halo Reach Source Assets Release Thread
    Halo Reach Assets Release Thread, by MissingSpartan7

    The Ultimate Pepakura FAQ
    Pepakura FAQ, by Sigma-LS

    How to Scale Your Armor Tutorial V2
    How To Scale Your Armor, by XTreme TACTICS 101

    The Complete Respirator and Safety Guide
    Respirator & Safety Guide, by Sean Bradley

    Tutorial Using Bondo for Detailing
    Using Bondo for Detailing Tutorial, by TwistedCory

    Pepakura Download Database
    Pepakura Files Download Database, by ragtagsoldier (OLD, many dead links)

    Extra Tricks for Smoothing and Detailing
    Tips & Tricks for Smoothing and Detailing, by Sigma-LS

    The Totally Official ‘Hot Glue Method’
    Using Hot Glue to Strengthen Pepakura, by Aobfrost

    Pepakura Fiberglass and Smoothing Tutorial
    Fiberglass & Smoothing for Pepakura Tutorial, by Sigma-LS

    Paper Weights Lb to Gsm Conversions
    Cardstock paper weights Lb to GSM conversions, by ilikecats

    Muddy Secrets Tutorial
    Resin & Bondo (Rondo) for Pepakura Tutorial, by Sigma-LS

    How to use Pepakura to make your Mjolnir Armor
    How To Use Pepakura to Build Armor Tutorial, by Frizzlefry (Locked thread, but this is one of the originals! Some picture links broken)
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    Can any one help me? I'm trying to make an EOD costume for this July. Not much time I know. I'm having a hard time finding pepakura patterns for anything. All yhelinks I'm finding end up dead or on 4share and when I try down loading them I get something else including viruses. Is there someone who has allege patters that can help me?
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    Jbowling1775, with my downloads that I have formerly took from the 405th and from those I have used from 4shared, I have found that yes that there are viruses that come with it. The best thing j can say (don't quote me on this, I'm just throwing out an idea and I'm not an expert of any means, but I know what I'm talking about) is having a software that will detect the viruses and cookies. Besides that, there are some good files that are offer here on the site in the file archive. I find those to be helpful. And like I said I'm just trying to give you some input. I hope this helps you. I hope to see your EOD build soon EVEN IF ITS JUST THE HELMET THATLL BE AWESOME!

    Happy peping

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    I'm making an Emile build and I've found every part except his chest/grenades and the bicep pieces. If anyone has one or knows where I could find it that'd be great
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    I am having trouble opening pepakura files can someone please help me I have downloaded them from the archive
  6. Takanuva

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    What's a reasonable time scale to do the pep-work on a set of Halo 4 MK IV MJOLNIR armor?
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    every time i click a link it redirects me to the old site and sayys m log in is wrong. i really need a set of foam files for a avrage person rouglhy 200lbs
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    hello, I am a little stumped on what I need to do to access Pepakura and Cardboard Armor Stuck Thread Index I am new and I am trying to access the links to learn how to build foam armor, but every time I click on the link it tells me I can not access the link. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong and how to go about accessing these links.
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    registration is cancelled by admin so new members (me also) cannot access the old site. i'm sure they'll fix it soon. i'm also having some problems with material search here in finland. there is no bondo here but some other body fillers of course. but should i use polyester filler, glassfiber filler or epoxy filler? (only ones available here.). also about resin. i found epoxy resin, glassfiber resin, polyester resin and polyester glassfiber resin (all are expensive but which one would be best for this kind of use without it dissolving UHU glue).

    which card stock do people in europe use? i've searched those a bit and looks like there is only 90gsm available, then it jumps to 250gsm so i need to order online.
    thanks in advance! these are the questions i didn't find an answer.
  10. Dirtdives

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    The heavy card stock we mostly use (US and other locations) is the 110 lb weight.....that translates to 200 gsm. 250 gsm isn't that far off the mark and would only be a drop thicker than normal. You might find it a bit harder to cut and fold, but the overall strength will be that much higher.

    And just as an FYI, Bigtony080808, Tinman, Cyzam, this thread was created as a reference point not as a request for help location. Also take note of the date of the thread which started in July of 2014.......Necro posting is frowned upon as it pushes more current and time relevant threads down the line.

    Welcome to the 405th get building!!!!
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    oh sorry didn't realize it my bad. i'll try to find correct info on other sites then.
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    All of the links in the original post have now been updated to reflect their respective addresses on the New Forum, so, everything should work again.

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