Pepakura Armor: Aussie Style

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Now that I have discovered the joys of Photobucket, I decided it was high time to show some of my progress with my armor;

Here is a pic of my Left foot and Shin armor;

Here is a couple of pics of my Chest Plate;


And lastly, a pic of my Chest Plate with its first undercoat;

Apologies for the first pic being larger than the rest.

After I finish another undercoat or two I plan on using expanding foam to both reinforce the inside and add a bit of depth to the armor. After a bit of carving for fit and more undercoating of the expanding foam I intend to fiberglass and detail it.
That's alright, ya learn by asking questions :mrgreen: It's made from A4 Cardboard assembled with a Hot Glue Gun
how did you get the shape so precise? i mean on my armour i fund it really difficult to fold, and get the shape right.
Yes, you can make the helmet using Pepakura. In fact you can make the entire suit using the program. It will take alot of cardboard, glue and patience to do, but it can be done :mrgreen:

Imho the helmet is the trickiest part to get right, so Pepakura could really help in that regard
thanx for the help (y) but now im having problems using the the jesus do you creat them?

by the way thanx for the help again :p
No worries. To use the program just read through all the info via the link I posted earlier :mrgreen: follow those steps and it's pretty easy to get started
does it take about 20 pieces of card to make the helmet?!?!?! im still going to do it but itl cost about £6.00 to get the card for the helmet...or$12.00 is that true?
to reinforce it you can try fiberglassing it. maybe bondo aswell? if all else fails just coat it in packing tape then paint it well. just be careful with the tape and not bend it or leave air bubbles.
I'll assume the height question was directed at me Ronin; I'm 5' 11". (Slightly taller than that, just shy of 6 ft) :mrgreen:
That's the first completed foot Ive seen..:) Nice work.

So your 6ft... Did you have to rescale the templates at all? Or did you use the standard sizes?

If I can get a feel for various heights and scales I can re-do the templates.
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