pepakura B.R. ?

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im sure this has been posted befor but has anyone made a good br model cuz it would rock to have one i could make and fiberglass for a body kit for a styre a.u.g. for airsoft.
It's better to just design your own out of cardboard or foamboard or whatever. If You put in a model of the BR in pepakura, it doesn't come out in a way you'd be able to make it.
Rsugar is right. It's just like with the pepakura pistol, with every part thats curved, such as the trigger, pepakura prints it out as hundreds of tiny little folds that don't really translate. Just design your own out of cardboard. :Steve:
Laziness, what a fabulous feat indeed. I am a supreme victim of laziness and I almost got the boot from my school for it. (I go to an aviation high school [pilot's and diploma]) Don't get lazy people!

Oh, who am I kidding?
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