Pepakura Helmet Done Finnally

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Stealthkiller24 said:
No give me the constructive critisism so then i can redo it and learn from my mistakes so keep it comin
Dude, that wasn't constructive criticism. You take the news way better than I did. When I first got told my helmet wasn't very good it ended in my 20% warning lol!!

I think what you should do is:
Keep in mind this is if you don't want to wear it and just display it!

1) Put your first helmet up somewhere on display to only you
2) Start a new helmet in pepakura
3) Use a high detail version
4) Take forever to do each fold
5) Use hotglue/craft glue
6) Score folds with a craft knife/pen
7) Resin/hotglue the interior
8) Resin the outside with two layers
9) Fibreglass the outside
10) Resin another layer on the outside
11) Spread a filler (bondo) on it
12) Unless the filler was already a primer, paint it with a primer
13) Sand it and if need be start again from 11) until smooth and detailed
14) (OPTIONAL) Use a craftknife to score details into the armour
15) Spraypaint another layer of primer
16) (OPTIONAL) Spraypaint a layer of silver/bronze paint
17) Spraypaint your final colour onto the piece
18) Lightly scratch parts to symbolise damage or use edge of a brush with silver paint
19) Put masking tape around edges of visor
20) Use gold metallic/glossy paint for visor
21) Remove tape and voila!

If any other more experienced members want to add or edit this noob's idea feel free!

Good luck and nice work no matter what the others say. You only look young so be careful as this can be dangerous and expensive! Remember everyone starts somewhere, like an RPG game lol start with level 0 skill and fight easy creatures, advance to higher skill levels and you can fight harder things! Likewise, you start with low quality armour pieces and as your skill increases you can make better quality armours!

Your friend, SparTom
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your gonna want to fiberglass the inside... not the outside...

unless you really know what you are doing with it on the outside...


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Sigma-LS said:
You guys really need to take the message of "Only Nice Guys Get Halo's" to heart. It's not just what you say, its the way in which it is said. Compare your posts to folks like Spartan 051, Shade, and Spartan-430.

Example bad: This helm sucks, how dare you call this finished, try again dumbass, etc.

Example good: I wouldn't really call that helm finished. There's so much more you can do with it with some bondo and TLC. Plus with the amount of work you'de do touching it up, I would consider remaking it with the new skills you've learned making this one.
Dickstructive criticism won't be tolerated. Finnish knows that now. He'll be back after awhile.
not to be rude to YOU sigma, im a big fan of your armors but i have to disagree with you. every one else tried the "good guy" critisism tactic and it wasnt gettin to him. finnish saw that he was just hard headed and needed to be a little harder on him. tough love man
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how old is this kid? im sorry but if you're about twelve, i did better than that on my first try and im twelve. im sorry. but you just need to take more time on it. just the ODST helmet took me three days on my first try. work slowly. you'll be happy with what you come out with if you take your time. i have patience. so it was easy. once you get the hang of it, it'll be like riding a bike.


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DeathStatus said:
not to be rude to YOU sigma, im a big fan of your armors but i have to disagree with you. every one else tried the "good guy" critisism tactic and it wasnt gettin to him. finnish saw that he was just hard headed and needed to be a little harder on him. tough love man
Even if he is not listening he still doesn't deserve to be bashed. Finnish was irrational and deserved to be suspeneded. Why should anyone have the right to tell someone their armor sucks when effort is put into it. If i was him i would proudly sport that helmet just to show everyone i was proud of it.

Stealth: It is a little rough but you should still be proud of that helmet. How many people do you know in real life (not on 405th lolz) has made a masterchief helmet. And now you can learn from your mistakes on this helmet and make one thirty times better. Don't listen to them and happy armor making,

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AoBfrost said:
Your second video showing it "completely finished"..

Is that water color paint?

frost: this died a long time ago. he wont even answer anymore. i think he just used crayons. jk actually i dont know. :p
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no ones trying to hate on you if you think that.
it's just not as good as it could be.
You should be proud of it, probably the only kid on your block with it.
but "should" re-make it taking more time.
You dont have to its just a suggestion... congrats on the finish though


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reading through all this for about 20 mins, was just hate, hate, hate, hate, and more hate lol
but i guess you gotta do what you gotta do :p
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