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ok i have the basic concept on how to resize an object on you click recalculate parts layout then in the development layout methodbox you select specify valueand alter the sizes...because i read about chanigng the size by 10% ect.
Tac's right and plus, wouldn't you want to have to model sized correctly before you change the parts layout?

Some good assembled heights for scaling in pepakura based on molded helmets can be found here. Then the scale number can be applied to the rest of the armor model peices.

An exact number always works better than a changing randomly by 10% and hoping it works.
I've found the best way to make sure your Pepakura Armor will fit is to measure your dimensions (i.e. length/width of your limb) with a tape measure and adjust the scale accordingly in Pepakura. That should help reduce wasted cardboard/glue/tape.
After starting my pepakura parts, Ive found that each part has to be custom scaled as apparently my body isnt to the same proprtions as the MC model. so my left bicep is a different scale than the helmet and so on. It wastes alot more paper, but alls good in the pursuit of costume perfection. After all it may be a bad trait caused by my membership in the 501st but I want to go to a con, and have the kids think I am the Halo Master Chief, not just some guy in a costume. :mrgreen:
revrblake2 said:
how do i resize the armor. i went to make a headpeice armor but it was to small. please help me.

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