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I looked at all the stickies and everything, Im currently making a helmet but I need to know exactly what to do with the card stock once printed and cut, Do I match the numbers together? and what am I supposed to fold , Is their any specific things I should know about how to tell which way to fold a side? Thanks for your help, BTW I am a noob here but so far I LOVE the forums and the idea, Hopefully I can end up making my helmet,


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I hope you read this thread before printing out your cardstock, otherwise unless you're 7 feet tall, you're going to have to do it again...

Yes, you'll be gluing numbered flaps to the corresponding numbers on adjacent (or occasionally the same) pieces. The dotted lines are mountain folds - so when you're looking at the outside of the armor piece as you put it together, they will be sticking out. The dotted-dashed lines are valley folds, and they'll be sticking in. Paper without lines are plains - haha, *snort*. Anyway, read this thread to learn how to fold efficiently. Start with the crown (top) of the helmet, not the chin or jaw. Less chance of warping. I was using glue sticks for awhile, but recently discovered the magic that is the hot glue gun (I was afraid of burning my fingers, but if you're careful, there's little chance of that happening).

Have fun!
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