Plan to making 1/12 scale MA5D like little armory features


-it's been a while since i join singapore regiment, and many thing was happening, so i hope you all guys my friend doing well until now-

so guys.... when i am are interest in figma, frame arms girls or 1/12 scale figures but also i want them looks more tactical

- little armory ting.JPG

i have make my nation assault riffle pindad SS-2 (dunno what variant) then wait for 3d print service done.
the next one i want to try make our iconic AR from The armory file
thanks to our comrades for the file, i just need modify it like picture above

- next model.JPG

first i need to find how long is it in real size
like i mentioned in my tread here Build MA5D ICWS and fixing my ODST chest costume part out of foam
the size is not actually fit so it depend with it calibre of magazine's size, then divided by 12

next model all.JPG

i'm modify it with SketchUp, since i just have my old laptop to work with and Blender to export the data type to work with SketchUp
hope you guys enjoy
see you next
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