Plasma pistol details....

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ok, so i made a topic earlier about how i made the base for my plasma pistol. Now im on to adding details but im completely lost on what i should use. The things i have thought of are
-air dry clay (maybe too heavy and brittle)
-model magic (a foam type clay)
-Clay and then make a mold and do that
-Bondo body filler

I could use a fast reply please....


what do you guys think
Well most people use Bondo for the Helmets and other pieces of armor, so I think that would look good on a weapon as well.
the problem with bondo for my uses, is that its not sculptable, so you have to dremel the details. Thats only a problem because i dont trust my dremel skillz
Build up your base with foam to give it some body, cover your foam with some clay ( super sculpy, model magic) and detail that clay.
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