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This is a rather odd and unrelated request but yesterday my xbox 360 gave me the 3 lights of death. It had tried this before and i tried the towel trick. This time it did it again and after the towel trick i got no video, only sound. Its also been having disc read errors so i believe its time for a new one. Since im in a touch money spot with school i remembered when a friend referred me from one of those free xbox 360 sites. Surely enough he got his after god knows how long and i figured id rather go through the struggle then to save up. Anyway i just need some people to follow my link and I think you have to finish 1 offer. I need a total of 7 referalls to get it and its pretty much free for the both of us. Please and thank you
I would have posted your xbox360 issues on the general area, not pepakura help, the best is to send in the machine, my friend at work did that everytime, they finally gave him a brand new 2007 built machine.
lol, send it in, but dont expect miracles. Mine broke the Tuesday of the week before the week before Halo 3's release, and was sent away on the thursday. It was returned on the 27th of september and got the red ring of deah half an hour ago.
Here's a trick my friend Brandon did... Koz's xbox broke... So Brandon went to Target and bought a new one... Swapped out for the new one and put anything that didn't work in there... He returned it the same day and got his money back... And Koz had a new Xbox... :p
illeagle but i wount say i havnt done it for a few things... oh and if you bought your 360 at costco they will return it no matter how long you have had it.. at least im pretty sure
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