Possible Alternative For Smooth-on Molding Products?


Hey everybody, today I was searching around youtube to look at different types of clay tools (the carving tools, smoothing tools ect.) and i got to this video and if you skip to about 5:35 on the video, the lady pulls out this box of something called ''Amazing Mold Putty'' .

Now I have never had the experience of working with this stuff but if anybody has, please give us some input on its strength and other specs of this product. Thanks!


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I have used AMP, it is great, but getting it in large amounts can get expensive. Also, needing a large amount if A and B together is a nightmare... It works great, but mainly for quick molding items that are small, and med - low detail. There are also several products out there for casting putty, two part resin that works the same way.


You make a good point about having trouble mashing together a say 30 pound wad of this stuff xD that would be a little extreme, but what about grenades, handplates? ect.
Well for hand plates sure, but as for Nades, not sure... I made my nade mold in two halves, to better cast it, so it might be difficult to achieve this with the two part putty.


interesting idea tho. yes it seems it would be hard to handle for larger molds. i thinks i going to pick some up and try it for some smaller molds, thanks for the find :D

did any one else see the bug on the pecile/holder on the right side of the screen? lol


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This looks as if it could be very useful for a project I'm working on. If i have a chance to pick it up tomorrow, I will.