Possible MKIV ?

Lt Ambrose

Yup, early screen shot from when Halo was a third-person shooter. Man, Halo had a heck of an evolution. RTS, TPS, and then the oh so successfull FPS that we all know and love. Heck, the Chief was supposed to have a short sword to carry around on him at all times.

Lt Ambrose

Indeed I do, nice find. I picked up a recent issue of Gamepro, just prior to Halo 3's release. It was SUPPOSED to have a lot of info about Halo's early days of development, but it only had a little.

What's really neat is that I've got an old issue of PC Gamer I picked up in a junk store years ago, probably just before Halo came out. It had an article in it talking about Bungies sudden choice to move to M$, leaving Apple fans in the dust for the, then, soon to be released Halo. It had one picture, a close up of one or two elites standing around. This shot was basically a frontal view of the elite featured in your pic drgon. Twas cool, I should probably find that mag someday.

lol, on the following page it had a picture of the creepiest beanie baby I can think of, a Face Hugger from the Alien series. Egh, still gives me the willies thinking of it, looked like a loogey or something.


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Holy crap, you know what just occured to me ? That soldier from the Halo Wars screenshot is holding a BR-55. Didnt that gun only come into usage during the events in Halo 2 ? I dont remember it ever being mentioned in the books at all. At least the early ones.

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I actually made a topic about this. From what i understand, the reason they weren't in Halo 1 is because the PoA was not equipped with them, not that they didn't exist.

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Wow... Halo had some HORRIBLE graphics back in its Pre-Beta stage, lol

Me personally, I like the Halo 2 Spartan Helmet better than the Halo 3 Spartan Helmet for some odd reason... 9prepares flame shield he got from NSider... before it died...)