halo E3 possible Halo movie hints

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while watching this
at the very end they mentioned PAX and "halo fest" but they also mentioned that they would be brining al sorts of halo related items, one of which is very special and coming in a boat from New Zeland.
now correct me if i am wrong, but did Petre Jacson plan on making a halo film, and is Petre Jackson from New Zeland?
this is just a theory of mine, and seeming as they will have a whole floor at PAX dedicated to HALO there is a good chance that it would be announced then, especialy with the 10th aniversary closing in.
i DOubt that it is already in progress, as Peter is already doing The Hobbit, and only a crazy director would focus on more than one film at a time, but its a theory.

its from about 07:50 in the vid
i DOubt that it is already in progress, as Peter is already doing The Hobbit, and only a crazy director would focus on more than one film at a time
Not impossible...Peter Jackson did that already with the Lord of the Rings films.

He also said he'd never do it again.

I personally hope they bring that live-action Brute rig they made for the ODST trailer.
then why doesn't the 405th make the film we have the man power and we have the gear what's holding us back. let's do this.
then why doesn't the 405th make the film we have the man power and we have the gear what's holding us back.
What's holding us back? Here's a list!

*Money(Alot of it becuase this stuff isn't cheap.)
*We are too far apart to make a sizable army for the movie. We could get close friends and stuff, but then that would mean more money because we have to make them the suits.
*We need people that are very good at adding CGI,Sound, foley, to the movie.
*A Very good camera is needed which isn't cheap. Cameras from freaking wal-mart won't cut it.
*Location. Sure there are many nice places to make it, but if you live in an area with no good battles areas, that will make it boring to watch.
*Non CGI Props. If you need a special item from the game(The index maybe?) then it has to be handmade and not from pepakura. I'm talking about CNC and that isn't cheap niether.
*Actors. You can have the toughest looking marine in the movie, but people won't take it seriously if he can't act.

So yeah, everything that I just put is what is holding us back from making a movie. Operation Chastity has done a fantastic job, but it's costing them alot of money to make the film.
actually I disagree.

Money - yes. for obvious reasons.
Too far apart? Not really... I'll explain later
CGI/Sound/ETC yes for awesome effect 100% needed
good camera is debatable - see later
locations isn't a factor - see later
Props are cheap - think basic low def pep models. Honestly. Holding a lightsaber is just holding a PVC pipe + effects. Plus see later.
Actors - eh - debatable, bad movies still make awesome publicity.


OK I said see later on a ton of stuff and that's because of the current technology. Green(/blue) screens. It's actually quite simple to do a lot of things with a green screen. If 10,000 people set up a little green screen studio and recorded some basic moves (chunkin a nade, taking cover and firing, dying, etc) then it can be sent to someone with the CGI/FX experience (which is why that one is 100% needed)

It would take time, effort, money, effort, and yes, effort to do. It would be the first movie of it's class - filmed individually by thousands (ok maybe just hundreds) of people with suits - then all edited together via our wonderful technology - it would be the first movie to ever do such a thing as well, no other movie has ever used so many different "source footages" for CGI use.

Can it be done? Yes. Is it gonna take 6 months in editing with a team of 10? Probably longer.

"Acting' so much isn't a issue - 90% of the people on screen are gonna be in helmets that cover the face - so your just adding a voice to them. Voice actors can be found on the streets- literally.

Lemme talk to my Sound guru, he works at a studio and has a good amount of free time, he dreams of getting his name on something massive- so this could be his doorway. As for CGI/effects editor - I have no one in mind.

What is really keeping us from making any sort of movie (even a bad one) is the lack of unification, and money. Sadly money is needed for nearly everything, even if 1,000 people have suits ready for this - we gotta find a way to film them in various scenes. on top of that - we need a rock solid story. A bunch of troops getting killed with CGI and SFX isn't really gonna cut it. What's the plot? Who is involved? We really should NOT include The Chief (for obvious reasons) But the chief was only 1 of the many amazing Spartans, many who lost their lives a long time ago can be visualized here, by the masses.

If you really wanted to make a "Halo movie" that is more game accurate your just gonna run into issues. The game itself changes so much as it progresses, it's storyline is full of loopholes. You should really base it off the books if anything - but even then I wouldn't focus too much on that.

I think a halo movie should be more like reach's storyline - background spartans combating an 'unstoppable' force. Tell their stories, show their devotion. Maybe briefly encounter Noble team or chief - but don't focus on events that have already been publically done (like reach's actual story, or 1/2/3's storyline) you don't want to go off cannon and upset fans.

Focusing on say Chief's exploits through the games would just make it feel odd, and probably make many fans upset - knowing what happens because they beat the games isn't gonna feel right after/during the movie. Especially if he does, or says something he didn't in the games.
but we could still do it make a site for funding and then let adam give the money out. then we just need to take the story line for reach and i mean every part even the ship battle's too.
If the 405th really wanted to make a Halo Movie using the members of the forum here I recommend a website called Kickstarter.
so by what we're seeing in here it's possible. then we have the starting foundation for the 405th film.
Guys remember, directors are given money to make movies expecting to get all that money back from people buying it or going to see it in theaters. Now, a halo movie would attract a lot of attention, but if not done right, no one will want to pay to see it.
I have done some voice work before and am actually working on an ODST web series script that is separate from any of the books, games, or the animated films that are already out. I am not ready to release it yet cause I think it still needs work. But if you need another ODST on screen and off, I'm ready.
okay so far we have a plot and a sprict and now we have some actor's and i know the site is full of CGI and SFX guy's so if we have enough camera's we could do this.
Michael Bay's Transformers had a budget of $150 million. That money was spent on professional props, several cameras, powerful editing software and computers, a highly-trained and talented crew, and a cast of actual a-list actors. If you combined the net worth of every 405th member, it's not $150 million, and none of us have the sheer level of skill that the professionals do in the movie industry.

And Halo would be on the same tier as Transformers. You'd need a great director (you do have to hand it to Bay), great actors, great crew, great publicity, a great producer, and overall great work, to get a niche movie like this off the ground. It took 20 years to get Transformers from cartoon to live-action movie, because it's hard to get the right combination.

The 405th simply isn't up to a full-scale movie. We haven't even finished any of our associated "high-budget" fan-films. And the entire budget for those films MIGHT pay for the cameras (but none of the rigs) for any of those films. It's a whole 'nother league, guys.
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