M99 Stanchion design thread for possible project

What do you want the build style to be?

  • 2.Cardboard and resin then plastic cast

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  • 3.anything with electronics

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  • 1.wood with electronics

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  • 2.cardboard and electronics

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Hey guys I made a previous thread a few years back about the M99 Stanchion rifle that's only been shown in the Halo Graphic novel and Contact Harvest.

I'm interested in what you guys have to say about what it should look like if I or someone else where to make a prop of it based on design features from a collective opinon. From there several designs will be produced and submitted and also everyone else can draw designs as well.;)

i'd like to start this off......

1. M1919 machinegun style barrel
2. SRS99D-S2 sniper rifle scope...the Halo 3 Sniper
3. outlets for the targeting computer and power-pack
4. Halo CE S2AM sniper rifle style stock
5. 10 round magazine containing the 12.7x99mm ammo
6. bipod

here's to a seriously awesome weapon....I mean it can fire 4.97 miles and 4.7KM and pulverize anything!;):D:cool
Maybe you should put down some ideas on a scratch piece of paper, or on the computer in some format and show us what you are thinking. I would love to replicate this weapon somehow if it looks badass. It definitely sounds badass!
other than this being a necro post.....

I've been trying to design it going by the one picture ever of the thing but I'm still going at it.
hang on is this the gun johnson has on the hornet? because if so that thing was haft sniper rilfe have guass gun, like the rail gun, in fact i think it is the rail gun.
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