Post Your Halo 3 Screenshots Here!


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This is Marcus the art director :lol: (they put his face on monkeys rofl!) :lol:

the monkeys with lighting


Just wanted to say HI!

camo + mist = cool pic

me getting own'd by the falling behemoth on sandtrap

sunbathing with a streched neck

My servants carrying me

I owned him with my ghosty

Make love not War

[Enjoy, hopefully more to come this weekend]

SGT Razor

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Ironcobra3000 said:
can I ask you a question? how did you lower your gun?
If it's the same as Halo 2, just hold the left trigger down.
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Project Jam

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Friendly said:
If it's the same as Halo 2, just hold the left trigger down.
This is how to do it:
Left bumper
Right bumper
Left thumbstick
Right thumbstick
A button and
Down on the D-Pad
((all at the same time for 3 seconds))

you could do with 2 people doing it

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Sean Bradley

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I have a mess of stuff to upload and host to put here, but no time to do it right now...

Those of you who have my Gamertag should definately look at my fileshare... I have much craziness documented, glitches and some really neat stuff.

Otherwise I'll upload some stuff to this thread as soon as the Halloween rush is over.


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Leadingspartan said:
there's a corridor behind the terminal on the last level and its in the back left. it's hard to get there in-game but u can kind of see it in saved films. u can probly find it on youtube or something. i'm surprised u havent heard of it
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ooh i like this thread

Sequence #1: Rocket to the Face

Sequence #2: Stand Together, Die Together

WAY TOO CLOSE. Matrix for real, haha. If I hadnt thrown that grenade I wouldve gotten headshot'd

Lol Lazer'd

Lol lightsabers