Question about pepakura lines


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Hey everyone, I have just finished cutting out all of the pieces for my Halo Reach Mk V helmet and began folding. Only problem is that when I'm folding there are these solid black lines that go into the bulk of the piece.

Trying to fold around these lines is kinda difficult, so I was wondering if you make cuts on those lines or leave them be.


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they are to be cut. Somewtimes there isnt much tab to glue the opposing side. Also what will help you immensely is scoring all of folds prior to folding it will make for a much crisper build and much cleaner.Use an old dried out ball point pen to do this.


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I've also found that scoring them before cutting it off the full sheet a big help as you will have more control of the piece. If you have this thin little section and you need to score it, you just might tear it off.....and that would be bad.
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