Question about Rondo and fiberglass.

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    Not quite sure if this is the place to ask, but on the note of resin and fiberglass cloth/mats, when one finishes the fibrglassing on the inside, whether its with cloth or mats, would it be wrong to put a layer of rondo (50/50) on the inside afterwards to help seal that fiberglass cloth?
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    That would be perfectly fine. Just be sure to put fiberglass resin alone on top of the fiberglass mats to ensure it has seeped into the mat. Then you can apply Rondo. If your helmet fit snugly after applying fiberglass resin and mats, be weary. Rondo can often times make a helmet/armor piece become too small.

    I hope this helps!
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    error dupe
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    It would be for more than the helmet, the armor, etc. Yeah, i heard about the smallness thing with Rondo. But still thanks for the answer, Ill be getting back to work once i get more ink for the printer!
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    Not necessary, it will just add weight with no strength benefit. Also, resin impregnated fiberglass doesn't need to be "sealed" before paint.
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    I see. Thank you!
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