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Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by wolfriordan, May 6, 2018.

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    I have faced numerous set backs in the creation of my first ODST armour build, including lost jobs and being crippled twice. But I am back and trying new things. I have a general question for those with their own sets of ODST gear. How is the range of motion in your own sets? I have been seeing that most people tend to weld some parts which seem separate when looking at models, and different materials are used between builds, and some of us have pretty different body proportions, but specifically in the torso area, how much is movement typically restricted? I am most interested in the harder material builds. I am wanting my own suit to be pretty mobile and am trying to figure out ways I can tweak the design to allow more manoeuvring in it. Any feedback, personal experiences are welcome.
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    This could be because of my suit being close fitting on my chest with the added chest rig strapping and buckles but after a day of trooping my shoulders are tired from being pressed on and the movement restrictions from shoulder pads. Range of mobility isn't terribly reduced when wearing the suit but you start to notice it after the armour is off and your muscles can relax.

    I've done some odd photoshoots in my suit with jumping, vaulting over low walls, skating, you name it and I've never had an issue with moving around. It's always been an issue at the end of the day and feeling like an old fogey.
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    Thank you very much for your post.
  4. Harri51


    I am on my third rendition of my suit. Each time learning how to improve my mobility. This be thing is that no one warns you about is you are going to need a harness belt system for the thighs and shins. In addition figuring out flex points for kneeling poses. The chest piece is the hardest part because it doesn't flex with the torso so easily. So I made elastic magnetic reset under the rib armor. In addition the belly plates NEED to flex otherwise you will never be able to bend over. The shoulders will need something to hold them in place vertically because my first ones fell all the time.

    I have done namely static poses with the armor for now. But during the development of my gen2 armor i focused on the bending pinch points. Those are the main problem areas i discovered. Most likely because I am a big guy, but do multiple piece fits to make sure and if you have to dremel to trim off little at a time to give you room to move.

    After i did some of these things I am actually able to run in my armor. So test and test and test is my best advice and poke around the forums or Facebook and see what others have done to help you out. Oh!! On a side note thinner foam on the inner thighs is a great idea because it has more give and bends easier then the thicker 8 to 10mm pieces. Plus 6mm on everything but the chest and helmet would help with your mobility and make it lighter.
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    Thanks, very useful information.
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    Just a heads up. i did a Reach ODST from DFT and the Mobility is ok , not the best. the Ab plate needs to be replaced other than that its good. (just had to say it just incase you were planning on doing a DFT suit first )

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