Foam Reach Marine Speed Build


Hey all! It’s me again.

So I have a Spartan Build Going right now, but a few days ago, I put that on hold, as I was trying to get it done by Nashville Comicon, which is roughly 2.5 weeks away. It just wasn’t happening and so I put it on hold. But I wanted a second costume then my ODST, and so I figured I could speed build a marine, as it was on the Cosplan, but I was going to do it after the Spartan. Lo and behold, here I find myself switching stuff around.

The plan is to make it as accurate as I can and as complete as I can in two weeks, then come back and add the details afterwards and make it look exactly how I want it to be.

With that out of the way, here’s the plan:
Printed helmet( as usual) from MoeSizzlac
Shoulder armor, completely fabricated from ref images
Chest armor, combo of reference with heavy reliance on the DFT ODST templates
Thigh armor, complete reproduction of the DFT ODST templates
Soft parts


This is the end goal^

Soft parts
So, I first tried to color match the camo/bdu that the model is wearing and came up with a classic tricolor desert camo.

In that pic it looks really tan, but from reference, it is a very light color, with hints of green and brown as shown below

The bdu almost matches the light color of the helmet, and so I picked up a light desert green-ish type camo. I sourced it on Amazon, but it wouldn’t have come in soon enough, and so I went to a local army surplus store and picked them up, as well as some tactical/ combat gloves pictured below.

I sourced these out from this reference material, and in game they’re a kind of green/brown/black mix and so I tried to get close, but they aren’t exact. Meh.

From the pics, it also seems that they have some sort of nylon type belt around their waists that holds packs/mags/equipment etc. so I picked up one of them that was close looking, as pictured below.

Same pattern, here’s where I pulled from:

Armor Plates
So I started with the abdomen plate (I’m sure there’s a technical term but whatever) and I used the DFT ODST files. You’ll see I referenced those a lot, as when I went and looked in game, the similarities are very striking that bungie used to create the different character models. (i.e. below)


I’m assuming this was done to probably save time and whatnot, but either way, it allows for the usage of templates that I assume were heavily based if not completely based on the reach ODST character model.

Anyway, I started on the abdomen and realized that contrary to how the good man says to use them in the video(as all one piece) the in game model actually uses it as a two piece setup on the character allowing for twisting, bending, and general range of motion (which is good, we like movement) and so I split it up into two pieces after making it, and behold: (with ref next to it ofc)

I’m pretty sure it’s just a joint in the bones of the model for movement, but I’m going to exploit it anyway for my own personal comfort and ability to bend at the waist, so checkmate I guess.

As seen above in the comparison of the ODST and the Marine (which I actually found out while making this that it was the UNSC army that helped and not the marines cannonically but again, whatever) they are the exact same, and so why fix something that isn’t broken?

There is a wee bit of detail discrepancy on the bottom square thingy, but I’ll fill that in later. (Again, meh.)

That brings us to current time now, where I stopped to take a break from making the shoulders in order to create this post. (Sorry for making it take so long lol) I’m in the process of finishing them up. I have one semi done, and another flat piece of foam with pen all over it.

And so that’s where I’m at right now. The helmet is printing as I type this, and should be finished within the next few days. Assuming I can get the shoulders wrapped up by tonight, I can focus on the chest tomorrow, which I have started, but as always big pieces are frustrating and time consuming. I was also planning on buying those foam construction knee pads and modding them slightly to look more like what I’m trying to get. Beyond that, it’s paint, paint, paint and hope I get everything done in time. Again, sorry for the long post, but I hope you enjoyed, and be looking forward to more updates within a day- a few days.


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Seconded, it'd be killer to see this in person in Nashville. Work looks great so far man fingers crossed you're able to get it done.
You’ve no idea how much this means to see you say this, I’m super excited for Nashville.

I’ll be posting later, but I finished the shoulders last night, and have been grinding the chest all day today, and so that should be done by today.
Great success!
You’ve no idea how much this means to see you say this, I’m super excited for Nashville.

I’ll be posting later, but I finished the shoulders last night, and have been grinding the chest all day today, and so that should be done by today.
Great success!

I'm super excited too. Hope you're able to make it, with or without armor bud!
That looks great! Foam is one of those mediums that eludes me. Everything I build comes out looking like squashed aluminum foil so I'm always awestruck when someone produces something that even remotely looks good and yours looks outstanding so you know I'll just pick my jaw off the floor and wait for more progress.
Thank you Jack0138, means a lot.

I just finished splitting up the last part of the top of the helmet, and so it just began printing. Slicer says about 20.5 hours so it’ll be about a day or so before it’s done.

In the meantime, I attached all of the lower parts together, and let me tell all of you, it fits perfect. Like, the bad kind of perfect. I can’t get my head into it, but I cut off the chin strap to make it out of foam, and I can slide it on my neck. So I’ll have a unique time of trying to figure out how to get it on properly, but I’ve never had a helmet I’ve not had to modify a little to be able to get my head in, so it’s really just another day at the office I guess. Just gotta use my brain cells (or lack thereof) and generate some ideas.
that looks amazing i like the details

( you would not happen to have any files i can use would you? im trying to put a marine build together a marine build and i canot find ANY free files)
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