Real life Power Armor project.


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Heyy guys!

The last time i was on this forum was when i made my cardboard Jorge armor back in 2011.
Mark V Grenadier (reach) CardBoard WIP

It's been 6 years since i ever worked on an armor.
I have worked on some minor projects like this one for a armor like armplate that holds my phone with the inside layered with foam.

(The power armor is ofcourse not going to look anything like that xD)

But NOW i have a 3D printer!
And my mind can't stop thinking of amazing things to make with it.
Now my project for the next 5 years (I've made a deadline for myself) is to make a working power armor that can actively cool down and warm up my body.
I can't stand the heat in the summer and i will never be able to wear a power armor if it doesn't have an active cooling system.

Now i'm thinking of having each part able to snap on the body making it able to be just jumped into from an armour stand.
I'm thinking of creating a metal frame in the armor that is supported by (from the torso to he head and shoulders to shoulderplate, retractable frame bars) a set of 4 frame bars that are attached to the lower back of the suit that i can take out and (with magnets on the joints of the armor pieces for my limbs) connect them and have the armor being able to open like a futuristic power armor so you can walk out of it and get into it within 5 seconds.

With small power banks being able to have up to 10mAh (for trustable power banks) i could have a few of them in each piece of armor, adding a convertor i could power so many things along a special alexa like (dumb) A.i for the suit.

Yes these are simply ideas but i'm looking for anyone with tips or ideas for the suit!!

I'm in no way great at maths or engineering or these things, but if i can do anything like this i'm just going to do it.

Maybe i'll even learn a few things :)

let me know what you think!