Really Discouraged about my Mk V. CE build

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This is as far as I got
I might not be quite the pepakura god that others are but I know how tedious it can be. Compared to other methods it's kinda hard to do wrong so long as you take your time. I can't see anything based on the picture that should discourage you. As long as you make your cuts count and make sure everything gets glued together ( glue sticks worked fine for me years ago and are easy enough to separate if something goes wrong) you can make some pretty awesome stuff! Cardstock should be pretty forgiving if something is misplaced, breaks, or a gap suddenly appears. Any blemishes can simply be masked in post processing.


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Honestly, bro- Pep has a tendency to look kinda odd until the piece is done. I learned the hard way to not give up on a piece until it is finished. I have made some MUCH uglier peps than that. That top looks pretty good to me. In my experience, the way pep is done it can look warped until its all completed. Just make sure you are using cardstock and the tough part for warping is when you do the hardening stage with resin. You really gotta make sure it dries straight in that stage, cause thats where the warp happens most.

I dont think you should be discouraged (which I know is not super helpful), but also remember that helmets are a very difficult piece to start with if your new to the craft. I started with helmet and needed 2+ attempts to get one that looks good (and it has a little warp to it still). Keep pluggin along, brother. It will come together!


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Heya man, hope you are alright, pep is a bit of a pain, but if you can, what i did once was try out smaller builds and because of my eyesight i ended up hand numbering the peices before i cut it out, i found that helped me alot

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If you're not satisfied with your build and you feel you need to start over, I support that. Just remember you are your own worst enemy, and small mistakes can be rectified.

If I may throw my 2 bits in, I think the pep build looked OK and couldn't see any major warping. Doesn't mean it's not there, I guess, but it definitely looked better than my first pep attempts.

Helmets are hard, man. So remember to be patient with yourself and go slow. These are crock pots, not microwaves. It takes time and effort, not a quick minimal try.
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I know it's tough, but don't be discouraged when you have to start something over. My first helmet ended up way too big, had to pitch it and begin again. Cosplay is a time intensive hobby, but the end result is worth it!
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