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  1. Spartan55


    "Face palm" sometimes I wonder how i'm still alive pictures will be up later
  2. Spartan55


    Ok time for a mega update!!!
    To start off with I'll fill you in with the side project I been working on
    Frist is my bmx bike (I have repainted it)
    Now a quick shot of what i have (out of date)
    As a little bit extra is what you could consider my frist cosplay. I made two of these heads for myself and my mate for a school assembly and we wore blue jeans and shirt.... but wait it gets cringeyer... we also sung I need a dimoned (parody of I need a dollar)
    IMG_4785.JPG IMG_4786.JPG IMG_4787.JPG
    Now for what I'm super excited about....
    My helmet has arrived it's a amazing cast and I can't wait to start to work on it
    And my scatter shot , yes I know felix doesn't use a scattershot but I don't want to take a dmr (I think that's wrong) because of safety reasons
    My friend is printing it off
    That's it for now more to come
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  3. mblackwell1002


    Hey...that scattershot looks familiar. :D

    And Wow, that cast looks nice. Your new cosplay is faaaaaaaaaaaar superior to your old one. Haha.

    Anyhow, nice work!
  4. Spartan55


    I don't know why :whistle:
    And it is amazing cast but it has a few areas that aren't the best but it was the final cast from that mold so that's to be expected... and for $180 (Australian) I'm not complaining
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  5. Spartan55


    Sadly no pictures but soon I should have a complete update to bring everything up to speed so look forward to that.... also i lied i have a little sneak perview of the body work I've done on my helmet
  6. Spartan55


    Ok time for a real update
    Frist off is the fingers
    I cut out the pieces but they might be to big I'm going to heat form them to see if they are
    Felix knife. I'm not to happy with the end result but it will do for now (it's just been plasti diped)
    Shoulder. I free handed these from refrances pictures. There pretty close but i need to tweak the design a little more then they'll be good to go.... oh and I haven't started the actual shoulder armour yet
    image.jpg Boots. I started on the under armour part of the boot and also mase risers(I think that's the name) to give me more of a spartan stance image.jpg image.jpg
    Hand plates. These I just free handed like the knife. I also added in some extra details because i was bored
    Now on to the good stuff
    The gun
    Huge shoutout to mblackwell1002 for making the model of this and to my mate for printing it off
    So wean I got it I thought to myself this a bit bigger than I thought it (I already thought it was big) then i tacked it together with hot glue I thought holy $&@! This is big

    I'm 175cm and it gose past my hip
    For you Americans here's it next to a starnded issue 32 inch teeball bat
    Now the helmet I got this cast from icon props it's an amazing cast i was just really nit picky with air bubbles. Should mention that I enlarged the bubbles so epoxy putty would stick.
    Between the helmet and the gun I've got a lot bout lod of sanding to do.....
    so if you don't hear from me for a while you know why


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  7. mblackwell1002


    Holy poop, that's awesome! That scattershot is crazy big! Will definitely be cool to see. And your helmet looks awesome after sanding. I saw that picture in the background and was like "Yeeeaaaaahhhh, look at that beauty." :D Put some primer on it! :D

    And you remind me, I need to actually print some of my own stuff...I haven't yet, I think I will sometime soon, lol.
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  8. CommanderPalmer

    CommanderPalmer Membership Officer Division Staff

    Just about the foam as shoe soles - be careful with it and test it, because foam can be slippery and you wouldn't want to slip and fall in your costume.
    Better test it or you could try rubber as well.

    Personally, I thought about using foam on soles, but I can't depend on it - I've seen people slip on EVA foam way too many times.
  9. Spartan55


    I got a long way to go before primer.... got to get the electric stuff done frist
    Ps the gun was tacked together with hot glue for the photos

    Yeah I was thinking about that today and was going to ask in discord but I don't have to now thanks. I'm just going to use thongs as the final layer..... wait by thongs I mean these

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  10. Spartan55


    Ok time for a mini update. Life's been well life:D and by that I mean a little hectic. To put it simple my dad has been putting me to work doing chores to pay off my helmet and gun..... also by chores I mean helping him tear up our back yard and sanding and repainting his bike. (Still worth it and is only fair)
    But anyway in my spare time (still have plenty of it) I've worked on my gun and my boots
    On the gun I've gutted most of the support material (and reinforced it) to make room for electrical stuff i've also cut out acess panels so I can wire it wean it's all together and I've started sanding/filler primering the front two pieces

    With the boots I simply attached two pairs of thongs (flip flops or what ever there called) to the sole of the shoe. I might end up scraping these in favour of a better soultion

    As a bounus i had my helmet at school to show my mates and my art teacher noticed it (as did a lot of my teachers and friends) and asked if i had made it and do I like working in 3d meidia. I stated that sadly I didn't (I wish i had the skills to) and that i do like to work in 3d. So now for my art assignment final I get to make a model suculpter
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  11. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    That's looking hella cool!

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