Recommended Best Muscle Suits for under armor ?

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Jon 741

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Hi all :)

My Halo armor is in the works, and it has been recommended to me to get a "muscle suit" to finish the under armor look off

Any good recommendations ? I do want it to look abit detailed

Are you sure about "muscle suit", and not just "under armour"? If you wear a muscle suit underneath, it could make you much hotter when you're wearing armour. Also, if you haven't catered to a muscle suit when designing the armour, you may find the armour won't fit when putting it on. You may also have a harder time putting the under armour on.
Thanks for the reply

I can do the armor catered so it fits well with the suit. But I did not really know there was a difference between muscle suit and under armor

Basically I want to recreate the look of the under look, from the games and tv, just trying to find one I like, as my armor is in the beginning stages
Yep, a muscle suit is designed to go under clothing and gives the wearer a muscular appearance. But that makes it easier knowing you just want the under armour.
The most common form people use is a black body suit - simple, easy enough to find and somewhat cheap. Works pretty well in most circumstances. But as you're looking for accurate, there's at least a couple more ways to go. The first would be to make your own. Here's a couple of threads I remember where members have made their own, by combining foamsmithing and sewing skills:

Secondly, you could look for a body suit with the patterns you're looking for on it, such as a Master Chief costume you can get in stores (though I see you too are an Aussie, and I don't recall seeing any chief suits in retail)
I imagine so, though shipping may be hefty as it always is here. Alas as I haven't done a spartan yet I wouldn't know where to look
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