Regarding COVID-19


405th Regiment Officer
Hello Midwest. I wanted to give a brief but concise update on going forward this coming Spring season and the concerns arising surrounding the current pandemic affecting members.

As locations make aware that events have been postponed, we will actively be making this information available. This is also where we will need your help. Dirtdives, as the keeper of con lists, has our conventions available to him at a click of a button. But we won't know what conventions to keep our eyes out for without knowing what you all intend to visit. At the time of writing this post, Anime Central is the next big event coming up on our radar in Illinois, but I can not speak for the remainder of the region.

Feel free to give feedback and let us know what other conventions we are looking at and/or events so we can properly update our forum/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter accordingly to quickly get the info out there.

Thank you, everyone, remember to stay safe, wash your hands, and use this time to get in a few extra matches in your preferred games. Hope to hear back from everyone on this soon.


Division Scheduler and Keeper of Con Lists
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Thank you NobleofDeath16, as soon as we got the announcements about major events in NYC being postpone/canceled and all events w/ more than 500 people being banned......well.....that would include all cons.......I'll be going through the lists this morning and updating as fast as I can.


405th Regiment Officer
Illinois just imposed a temporary restriction on events involving over 250 participants until the end of this month. It may extend longer.

Thank you ZP180 for the info on Planet. It has been pushed forward to all media's.
And thank you as well, Dirtdives . It's some crazy times right now and we are all thankful to have you as the herald of con lists.