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    Current list for conventions across Canada. If you don't see an event on this list, please comment below and it will be added!


    NAME: GAnime
    Date: Jan 19-21
    Location: Gatineau, QC
    Events: Guests, Masquerade, Karaoke, Asst Contests, Panels, Screening Room, Gaming Room

    Name: Anime Shogatsu
    Date: Jan 20
    Location Toronto, Ontario at the Japanese Canadian Culture Center
    Anime Shogatsu is an event which celebrates the anime culture and Japanese New Year! Our goal is to spread awareness of the anime and Japanese culture. By showcasing various aspects of anime and Japanese culture, we hope to spread awareness of the wonderful and often misunderstood side of this subculture. Join us for games, workshops, lectures, showcases, masquerades, live performances and more!


    Name: Tsukino-Con
    Date: Feb 10-12
    Location: Victoria, BC
    Events: Tsukino-Con is a not-for-profit, community oriented convention held annually at the University of Victoria with a focus on anime fandom and Japanese culture. Established in 2009, following the seven year run of our predecessor convention, Kei-Kon, the first official Tsukino-Con ran in February 2010 and continues to run annually during Uvic’s winter reading break. The name “Tsukino-Con” literally translates to “Convention of the Moon.” This relates to the location of the convention, the University of Victoria, and the ring road that surrounds the campus.

    Name: Anirevo
    Date: Feb 11-12
    Location: Vancouver, BC. At the La Salle College
    Events: Guests, Maid Cafe, LAN Party, Video and Tabletop Gaming, Cosplay, Idol Contest, Improve and Comedy Performances, Artists Alley, Vendors Market.

    Name: Ai-Kon
    Date: Feb 24
    Location: Winnipeg, Manitobia
    Events: Panels, Tabletop and Video Gaming, Dance, JCam, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Artists, Vendors


    Name: LANtasy - [event cancelled]
    Date: March 10-11
    Location: Victoria, BC
    Events: LANtasy Gaming Society is a Victoria-based nonprofit organization.

    Name: Capital City ComicCon
    Date: March 16-18
    Location: Victoria, BC
    Events: Capital City Comic Con will be dedicated to comics, toys, games, family fun, science fiction, special guests and pop culture of all kinds. Victoria, B.C. will play host to three days of panels, signings, cosplay, vendors and more in the Victoria Conference Centre and Crystal Gardens.


    Name: Sci-Fi On The Rock
    Date: April 6-8
    Location: St. John's, Newfoundland
    Events: Media Guests, Vendors, Exhibitors, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gaming, Horror and Geeks.

    Name: Nadeshicon
    Date: April 6-8
    Location: Quebec, QC
    Events: Panels, Drawing Contest, Poster Contest, Maid Cafe, Exhibits, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Guests.

    Name: Cape Cornwall & Area Pop Event
    Date: April 21-22
    Location: Cornwall, Ontario
    Events: Guests, Artists, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Entertainers, Exhibitions, Panels

    Name: Northern Ontario Expo
    Date: April 21-22
    Location: Timmins, Ontario
    Events: Now entering its 8th year, the recently renamed Timmins Comicon showcases over 40+ exhibitors and programming. 2018 will continue with the Timmins Comicon Kid's Zone, Cosplay Corner, photo booth and the return of Artist Alley and the Vendors Market. Also returning will be the annual Cosplay contest and Gaming Zone.

    Name: Calgary Expo
    Date: April 26-29
    Location: Calgary, AB
    Events: Media Guests, Artists and Creators, Cosplay Guests and Cosplay Contest, Vendors, Artists Alley, Exhibitors.


    Name: Fan Expo Regina
    Date: May 5-6
    Location: Regina, SK
    Events: Celebrity Photo OP/Autographs/Q&A, Sketching Duels, Artists Ally, Vendors, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests.

    Name: Ottawa Comicon
    Date: May 11-13
    Location: Ottawa, Ontario
    Events: Celebrity Photo OPs/Autographs/Q&A, Concerts, Masquerade and Cosplay, Panels, Workshops, Special Events, Tabletop and Video games

    Name: Keycon 35
    Date: May 18-20
    Location: Winnipeg, MB
    Events: Art Show, Dealer's Room, Gaming, Guests, Masquerade and Cosplay, Panels, Demonstrations, Ice Cream Social, Dance Party.

    Name: OTAFEST
    Date: May 18-20
    Location: Calgary, OT
    Events: Heavy Anime activity, Digital Media, Events, Panels, Guests, Exhibitors, Artists Alley, Maid/Butler Cafe, OTAFEST Registration, Charity Event.

    Name: Tsurucon
    Location: Red Dear, Alberta
    Goodbye & Thank you
    It is with heavy hearts that we as the Tsurucon Executive Team have decided to no longer continue officiating Tsurucon. It has been an absolute pleasure these past five years meeting so many of you and putting on this event. Each of us will cherish the memories that we have made being a part of Tsurucon for the rest of our lives. Although Tsurucon has been a success, the amount of work that it takes to run a convention, no matter the size, is a heavy burden. As most of our key Executive members move on to other chapters in their lives, we found that we had perhaps reached the final chapter of Tsurucon. The decision we made to not continue was one of the most difficult that we have had to make. We would like to sincerely thank each and every patron that has ever attended Tsurucon, each of you made all the time and effort we have put into this organization unbelievably worth it. With kindest regards,
    The Tsurucon Executive Team


    Name: Fantasticon
    Date: June 3
    Location: Montreal, QC
    Events: Artists, Guests, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Comic Books, Toys, Vendors, Exhibitions.

    Name: Animaritime
    Date: June 30-July 2
    Location: Frederiction, NB
    Events: Artists Alley, Vendors, Contests, Featured Events, Guests, Masquerade and Cosplay, *NOTE* This years theme is: CARNIVAL

    Name : GraphicCon
    Date: June 9
    Location: Sudbury, ON
    Events: celebrates contributions made by comic books and related popular art forms in literacy,
    art, and culture - vendors, artists, contests, local media guests, costumes

    Name: Cottage Country Comic Con
    Date: June 23-24
    Location: Orillia, ON
    Events: A collector's mecca-convention - Artists Alley, Vendors, Contests, Media Guests, comic books, pop culture, animation, sci-fi & fantasy


    Name: Northwest Fanfest
    Date: July 8-10
    Location: Downtown New Westminster, Vancouver
    Events: Northwest Fan Fest is three amazing days packed with celebrities, exhibitors, and tons of programming on a huge variety of topics and interests. Featuring musical performances, comedy shows, contests, massive gaming tournaments, and a Saturday street festival, there is something for everyone at NWFF!

    Name: Ad Astra
    Date: July 13-15
    Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario
    Events: Guests, Panels, Rooms: Dealer's/Lego/Games/Anime/Costume Repair, Cosplay and Masquerade, Author Readings and Signing, Charity Event.

    Name: Montreal Comiccon
    Date: July 6-8
    Location: Montreal, QB
    Events: Celebrities/Q&A/Photo OPs, Panels, Workshops, Charity Events, Concerts, Masquerade, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Meet and Greet, Tabletop and Video Gaming, Artist Alley.

    Name: ConBravo
    Date: July 27-29
    Location: Hamilton, ON
    Events: ConBravo! is the Annual Festival of Everything Geek! We're a weekend of gaming, anime, comics, and a whole lot more. Come join us at the Hamilton Convention Centre!


    Name: Anirevo
    Date: Aug 3-5
    Location: Vancouver, BC
    Events: Guests, Maid Cafe, LAN Party, Video and Tabletop Gaming, Cosplay, Idol Contest, Improve and Comedy Performances, Artists Alley, Vendors Market.

    Name: Animethon 25
    Date: Aug 10-12
    Location: Edmonton, AB
    Events: Animethon is a Japanese Animation (“anime”) themed festival held annually in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We have expanded our focus beyond screening anime and now also include voice actor guests from North America, musical acts from North America and Japan, improvisation groups, as well as various related activities such as gaming, costume contests, Media, Panels, AMV Contest,and much more.

    Name: Kita-Kon
    Date: Aug 26-28
    Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario. Lakehead University
    Events: Cosplay, Guests, Panels, Masquerade, Vendors, Exhibitions.

    Name: FanExpo Canada
    Date: Aug 30- Sept 2
    Location: Toronto, ON
    Events: Guests, Celebrity, Comic Creators, Anime, Gaming, Horror, Sci-fi & Fantasy, Cosplay, Internet-tainers, Voice Actors, Authors, Family Fun Activities, Vendors, Exhibitors.


    Name: OTAKU Palooza
    Date: Sept 8-9
    Location: Argyle Park Community Center, SK
    Events: Cosplay, People's Choice Artwork Contest, Panels, Vendors, Exhibitors, Live Chess, Cosplay Contest, Otcku Triva, Pokemon Fun, State Alchemist Exam, Game Room.

    Name: Animara Con
    Date: Sept 8-9
    Location: Sherbrooke, QB
    Events: We offer programming over 2 days in 10 different rooms. The main events room has shows and interactive games, and also hosts the masquerade (costume contest) and concerts. The secondary events room has games like Cosplay Battleship, as well as the Costume Ball in the evening. We also have a large Dealers Room, a console and tabletop gaming room, and 2 screening rooms (English subtitled and French subtitled)! Access to all these activities and rooms is included in the cost of your badge, so there are no additional fees to enjoy the programming!

    Name: Edmonton Expo
    Date: Sept 21-23, 2018
    Location: Edmonton, AB
    Events: Pop-culture convention - panels, vendors, workshops, celebrating all things geeky!

    Name: Atlantic-Con VII
    Date: Sept 28-30
    Location: Corner Brook, Canada
    Events: Guests, Photo OPs, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Exhibits, Panels, Gaming.
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    Update on one of the conventions local to me. Unfortunately as of last week LANtasy announced that they will be unable to host their 2018 show and have been issuing refunds for passes.
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    All you West Coast folks should totally come out to CoVaCon on April 14th and 15th. I'll be on a discussion panel about armour making and then doing a workshop where we speed build a bunch of really cool stuff.
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    September needs the Edmonton Expo added please and thanks! September 21 - 23, 2018
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    are we trooping at fan expo?
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    Sorry! Are we trooping fan expo vancouver?
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    ODST Langford I haven’t seen any news of gatherings as of yet, but feel free to start up a thread under our forums for an estimate! Otherwise, if you happen to attend, please DO troop around in your gear : )

    TurboCharizard Artifice if there’s any news of events at this con, you may be able to form a gathering?
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    As soon as I roll into the club a party starts. I wasn't planning on hitting this con up but I might do a walk on ferry trip with my ODST to get to Vancouver.

    awildshannon and LastMinute had plans of making an appearance at the con if I remember correctly though!
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    I will be there on Saturday in my Noble 6 from 10am-1pm. I have to leave early because I have work that I couldn't get out of :$ BUUT I will be there all day friday, just in my Loki cosplay :D
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    Not attending for me after all, I'm going to be a part of the Halloween Parade the weekend before with the Ghostbusters. Next con for me is like ECCC '19.

    Would have liked to though!
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    So I talked it over with CplYapFlip and I'm going to do the walk onto the ferry plan for Saturday with my ODST in a duffel bag.

    That being said, my ODST is starting to show it's age and I hate going to a con without something new on a costume. Week and a half to spruce up the armour with an M7S and a backpack I think.

    What are you folks wearing?
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