Regiment membership - please all read


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I'm working on something pretty grandiose in terms of armor wise, it may take a bit but the midwest will have the coolest suit of armor
I just moved from the Midwest, so I'll be interested in seeing what you got. But I'm also excited to start my own armor build for the Mountain Regiment.


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I would like to join the South West Regiment if Possible
Hello, please take the time to read the first post in this thread:

What does it take to join a regiment?

Membership in a regiment is an entirely voluntary process. The Armory (The New File Archive) and all sections of the Forum, except for the local regiment sections, are open to any Registered Forum Member. You do not need to join a Regiment to download files, post in the costume creation sections, or show off your build.

However, if a member decides to take the next step and join a regiment and get more involved with local fellow 405th members, they must first make sure that their account is more than 90 days old and that they have over 50 posts. This demonstrates that the member is committed to actively participating with the 405th Organization. Once a member has 50 posts on an account that is over 90 days old, they then post in this thread and request to be added to their local Regiment.

The Regimental Membership Officer, or RMO, for that Regiment is responsible for checking this thread and confirming that the member meets the requirements and belongs in their Regiment. At that time the local RMO will then give the go ahead in a special thread in the Regimental Command Staff Section for the member to be added to the Regiment.