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kk I just finished my pep helmet and now I'm ready to resin it. But my question is, why do we need to resin it before fiberglassing it? Can't we just lay down the strips without any resin, because I'm really short on money and I don't want to spend any more then I have to. I need an answer ASAP cuz I'm running out of time 0.0


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you need to resin it so you'll have a hard surface to work on, the glass will wrap it with out that surface


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Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) or glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), commonly called "fiberglass" is a composite material combining plastic resin with glass fibers. It's the combination of the two materials that gives it its strength. The glass fibers by themselves won't add much strength without the plastic resin. The plastic resin is also what sticks and binds the glass fibers to the cardstock.
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