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i just resined the outside of my helmet to day, and i checked to make sure it was dry, and some places were smooth and dry while some places were sticky, is it normal for it to dry like that?
It means you didn't mix the hardner and resin well enough. You can either let it dry longer or give the sticky spots another coat.
Resin cures though an exothermic reaction... ;) It cures by the heat that is generated when the two chemical react... meaning that stuff that doesn't cure can be heated up to fix it.
But heating up just one spot will probably warp your helmet... or catch fire. So I wouldn't get a heat gun anywhere near it..

Let it sit in the sun for a few hours, and it should be fine.
yeah I had the exact problem a couple of a days ago, but when it would finally dry later it would get wet again
colmon_9 said:
dry later it would get wet

It isn't a water thing... it's a chemical reaction, and it can only happen once... it can't harden, then go gooey after that.

? I'm stumped>
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yeah i was stumped on that to, i left it outside for a day and it was dry so i brought it in. the next morning it was wet in a bunch of places. so i let it dry for the next day and the spots were still wet so i put it in front of a fan and that didnt do any thing so i blew it with a blow dryer and it dryed up. i came back in about an hour and it was wet again.

i had no idea what to do with it so i put another coat on and its fine now
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