Reynolds = Good ... Smooth-On = Bad

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Walter Spase

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I am Molding my helmet... but things are standing in my way..

To those attempting to order Smooth-On products.. beware...

So, I made my purchase through Smooth-On, from which they assured me it would ship from Dallas after I explained that I am in Houston... but when they quoted me 60 dollars in shipping, that seamed high at the time, but I looked past that. I called to verify my order has been processed and to obtain shipping details today, and they said that it has not been processed yet, but that it would ship on Thursday at the latest, putting it here on the 31st of October... Keep in mind they told me it would ship from Dallas..

There is a company in Dallas that is a distributor, it is call Reynolds Advanced materials, they are not under the umbrella of Smooth-On, save that they are a Smooth-On Distributor. They do not share accounts. If you order from Smooth-On, it will never ship from Dallas, only from the headqurters in PA. So they lied to me... probably someone answering the phones that doesn't know anything, or was attempting to dupe me.... regardless. The manager at Smooth-On told me I could call Reynolds and have my order changed over to them, and it would ship from Dallas... What she did not tell me was that Dallas wants to charge me seperatetly, and PA wants to charge me also.... so I have almost $800 floating around, and still no product to show for it.

So, now PA is crediting my account, which could take up to 5 business days... OMG!! I expected this here before the weekend.. now I am furious with the Smooth-On people in PA.

Had to Rant, maybe I can save someone the hassle I have gone through. Either way, MMMMMMMMMM....
I asked Bluerealm if he ever went to Reynold's personally because I was considering driving there for supplies. He didn't get back to me yet though. You could always drive to Dallas. It's only about 4-5 hours out of Houston. It would probably be worth it just to deal with some real people face to face.
Wow. Thats really suprising, Ive heard nothing but good things about smooth-on. Hope your stuff comes soon, and i cant wait to see your progress on your molding and such.
I've had problems with smooth-on, and their phone reps not giving correct information. It cost me a few jobs...

So thats why I order my materials from Polytek. They've never dissapointed me, even once.
Problem with sales reps and distributors is that neither knows anything about the other. You'll always deal with a sales person who probably won't know a thing about what they are selling besides whats on the piece of paper in front of them. I've dealt with this before with getting my TV service setup. Best thing to do is research about a couple companies. In the long run, you might have to spend a little more for prompt service, but it will be worth it.

Hope everything works out.
I need to go to Tyler, TX, so I just may try to make a drive through Dallas on my way from there to Austin... its almost a 800 mile round trip though... I have talked to a guy at Reynolds in Dallas who is trying to take care of me but, its frustrating.....

I have only ever heard good things about Smooth-On, till now... it's just so frustrating when you talk to someone who "assures" you that what they are saying is whats happening... and then a couple days later, you find out that wasn't the case... anyway.. I think I found a place in Houston that can order it for me, and I can pick it up locally... I may do that.. it just puts me in a bind that I would have rather avoided.. stupid sales rep... i just fumes me that I added it up, and there is almost a 1000 dollars floating around and I have nothing to show for it...

I wish this were like Buger King, then I'd definatly get it my way

EDIT: Just got of the Tele (trying to make you brits feel at home) with the Rep from Reynold's... I got my shipping number in hand, and he said my material it would be here tomorrow... how awesome is that...

Who wants the first pull... lol like I would part with them anyway... I will post some pictures, maybe break out the Video Camera. By the Way... if you call Reynold's Advanced Material in Dallas... Ask for Rick, that guy was so helpful, beyond helpful, and very nice to work with.
i deal with reynolds all the time....well evrything two weeks and they treat me well....i useally got to there shop or have them ship it out to me and i get it in a day...but never ordered from the website
Awesome Clip... Yo clown!, BAMM... that Burger king guy creaps me out, but I sure love playing the pocket bike racer game I got for like 3 dollars from there...
I order all my stuff from reynolds They are the best distributer I've found and they always call me to let me know if something will be late.
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