Roll Call!


405th Regiment Officer
Name: Brandon/Buck
Location: Chicago
Costuming since: Just this year! Went all in with a Sean Bradley kit for Halo Outpost Discovery in Chicago.
About me: Always wanted to get into cosplay, and the announcement of Outpost Discovery gave me my reason. In my spare time, I play Halo and various other games on both PC and Xbox. Find me on twitter @ManhoodMagic.
Favorite Cons: Halo Outpost Discovery in Chicago was my first, but I'll definitely be around the cons that happen in Rosemont in the future.
Costumes/Props: My Bradley kit build, which I affectionately refer to as ODST Buck, but not that one. The SMG is the only part that I didn't have any part in creating, shoutout to StarJeff3DWorkshop on that one.
The other ODST Buck with Steve and Jen!
I was standing behind you if I am correct when I went to give the thank you's and congrats to the 343i team on the Chicago run!


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Name: Danielle (SSG Spall)
Location: Perrysburg, OH
Costuming since: 2010
About me: Greenhouse grower by day, freelance artist and costuming/props enthusiast by night.
Favorite Cons: Ohayocon was my first con, so it's been my home for a while. But I met my boyfriend at TAGFest (may it rest in peace as it no longer exists), so that's a close second. Youmacon is always a blast and I'm looking forward to my very first DragonCon this year!
Costumes/Props: Oh boy, I've got a few: Yuna (FFX), Bubblehead Nurse (Silent Hill), Rao (Okami), Luna (Harry Potter), Genderbent 10th Doctor (Doctor Who), White Mage (Final Fantasy), BlackFire (Teen Titans), Alien Queen armor (OC from Aliens), SSG Spall (Halo Reach/Halo Wars), Marine (Reach). As for props, I've built Cloud's Buster Blade, Rau's Lightning Sword, Yuna's Staff, a White Mage Staff, and a few miscellaneous headdresses. I like to dabble in my own designs.

Looking forward to meeting you all and I'm so excited to be here!

Spall and Azimuth Edited
Alien Queen Armor
Outpost Chicago Group Pic
Weathered Spall Armor


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Name: Jonathan
Location: Minneapolis,Mn
Costuming since: 2003
About me: Grew up in Ca, joined the 501st with a episode 2 clone I built from a kit when I was 18.
Moved to Mn in 2006. I like to make props, I mostly utilize 3D printing.
Favorite Cons: c2e2, most local Mn cons.
Costumes/Props: costumes too many to list, but highlights
Roth Vader, ANH TK (wip), Captain America (MCU)
The Rocketeer,Daredevil.
And I am close to finishing printing my MK VI Master Chief, final piece should be done tomorrow, then time to start prepping em for paint.

Cant seem to upload pics in this sub forum, only gives me the hyperlink option.


video of the lights and smoke:
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Hey all! Maybe it's just cause my summer is coming to an end or cause I'm about to start school again, but I am READY and roaring to try and get my cosplays up and going!

Name: Austin or Troop
Location: KCMO, Kansas and Missouri border
Costuming since: I've been following a lot of cosplayers for about 3 years but still haven't built my own yet due to financial struggles
About me: Currently a college student for Music but an avid Halo fan; r/ODST moderator; wanna be competitive Halo 5 player; wanna be Halo speedrunner
Favorite Cons: Kansas City Planet Comic-Con, RTX, Halo Outpost Discovery if they ever do anything like this again.
Costumes/Props: My PLANS currently include: ODST workout clothes, ODST Armor (Probably H2 era or Reach), UNSC Officer Uniform (cosplaying Lieutenant Austen from Thursday War cause of the name similarities), Military Police helmet from Halo Reach with a few technological niceties

I'm always up to listen to anybody who needs anything or wants to spit ball some ideas off of me!