Roll Call!


Keeping in line with the other regiments, we will use this thread to introduce ourselves. I'll admit, I took the format from the Aussies, lol. Feel free to add more or less if you like!

Name: Put what your preferred name is here, whether it's a real name or a moniker.
Location: Give a general geographic region to help find others near you!
Costuming since: When did you start costuming/building?
About me: Tell us a little about yourself. Twitter profile or autobiography.
Favorite Cons: What cons are we likely to see you at?
Costumes/Props: Share some of your work, completed or in-progress.


Name: Matthew aka Colonel Fork
Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan(if you look at the back of your left hand, I'm in the lower left corner near your wrist)
Costuming since: I kinda got started around this time in 2011
About me: I work, and I come home, and occasionally get the chance to hang out with friends. In fact, just had a nice casual meet up with HaloGoddess and thorn696 this past Sunday. I really enjoy aviation and the history of it. My favorite period of aviation was the war planes of WWII. If I were to pick a favorite aircraft from the era, it'd either be the F4F Wildcat or the ME109.
Favorite Cons: So far I've attended 4 different conventions, most of them in the Detroit area, but I've been to Anime Central in Chicago, YoumaCon and Midwest Media Expo in downtown Detroit and Motor City Comic Con in Novi, MI. I mostly prefer staying in MI, as it's much easier for me to get around.
Costumes/Props: So far my Reach armor consists of both parts made by me with friends and a few commissioned parts. I'm currently trying my hand at building a Reach DMR out of foam and PVC pipe.

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Name: James
Location: Columbus, OH
Costuming since: All my life. "Movie Quality" costumes since 2005.
About me: Analytical chemist by day.
Favorite Cons: DragonCon and RTX.
Costumes/Props: … A lot. Here are some Highlights:
Blu Scout
Twilight Princess Link
Tenth Doctor
The Scarecrow
Red Vs Blue Donut
Red Vs Blue's Andy The Bomb
Red Vs Blue Caboose
Ravenclaw Quidditch
Ba Sing Se Refugee Prince Zuko
“Silver Age” Spider-man
Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett and Stormtrooper


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Name: HaloGoddess
Location: Metro Detroit Area
Costuming since: August 2009 which is when I joined this site. :p
About me: Well, there isn't a whole lot. I'm an artist, I like to play video games and I am OBSESSED with Halo! XD LOL I work 7 days a week so I can take care of my baby Master Chief. ^_^ I do like cars, a lot of your older muscle cars, namely mustangs, but I do like the classics. There are a few exotic cars that I like as well. I have this odd, small obsession with the Dodge Viper. I want one of those cars SO bad, but it can NOT be older than a 95'. I am not TOO crazy about the new body style. I guess that is about it. XD
Favorite Cons: I went to my FIRST and ONLY con about 4 years ago and that was the Motor City Comic Con. I didn't dress up or anything at the time since I was just getting into the prop building thing. I just wanted to go to one because I had just found out that they even have them here in michigan! XD
Costumes/Props: Well, here is my latest build: It's going to be very slow, but I want to go all out on this one. :)

CoS Spartan058

Name: Jeremy or Spartan-300
Location: Southeast Michigan
Costuming since: Summer of 2011 was my first outfit
About me: I am a security guard for a living, and I make props when I can. I have a core group of friends that usually help me when I have larger projects. I play a lot of PC games and love halo and mass effect equally.
Favorite Cons: I frequent Midwest Media Expo, Motor City Comic Con, and Youmacon. I am going to Wizard World Chicago this weekend and it will be my first time there. I also used to go to Detroit Fanfare but that is no longer a convention.
Costumes/Props: I started off doing ODST's but now I am more of a Spartan. I also do a counter strike global offensive cosplay, BF4 cosplay, commander shepard cosplay, and an Italian Stig cosplay.


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Name: Alex or Lex... Ill respond to both
Location: Elkhart, IN
Costuming since: first costume was 2002. lost touch for a few years, got in to halo costuming in 2008
About me: I work at the University of Notre Dame. I coached competitive swimming for a few years. I draw, game, and do 3d models. Im apparently one of the few people on the forums who is legitimately good at playing the competitive part of halo?
Favorite Cons: CCEE (Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo) and RTX that ive been to recently. Going to PAX South this year though!
Costumes/Props: You watch the Master Chief vs Captain America SuperPower Beatdown video on youtube? Thats my costume, minus the helmet. Any of my 3d modeling stuff can be found here:


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Name: Everyone else just calls me Rev.
Location: Columbus Ohio
Costuming since: 2010
About me: Pretty active on I like a variety of games. My top two series would be Halo and Metroid. I'm an IT guy by day.
Favorite Cons: Dragon Con this year, but I try to go to wizard world Ohio when I can.
Costumes/Props: Working on a Sean Bradley ODST kit right now done up as Venom from Marvel comics. After that, I have another kit I'd like to do as Carnage.



Name: Rick
Location: Quincy IL. (summers) / Springfield MO. (Fall - early spring - at college)
Costuming since: 2011
About me: I am a computer science major at evangel University.
Favorite Cons: PAX south (in San Antonio), C2E2 (in Chicago)
Costumes/Props: Full suit of Mjolnir MK IV armor, several weapon props, and an ODST build






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Name: Reilley
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Costuming since: March 2014
About me: Im just an average kid trying to start his path in prop and costume making
Favorite Cons: Indianapolis Cons, going to try and get out of state eventually
Costumes/Props: My spartan suit Cam-819 Mjolnir MK IV armor

Seth Knight

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NAME: Seth (though everyone I've met at conventions tend to call me Wade, as I've mostly only cosplayed as Deadpool :p )
Location: Colfax Indiana (middle of nowhere'svilee)
About me: Illustrator, engineer, sculptor, in general a crazy hobbyist/artist. Everything interests me and I suffer a lot from it :p I haven't been on here for a long time, but I'm back and hopefully will have a W.I.P. soon for you great guys and galls :)
Favorite Con: Pop Con/Gen Con (Indianapolis). I met my fiance' at last year's gen con <3
Costumes Props. A lot of start and fails, I've cosplayed two characters to date, Deadpool and Green Lantern. Hoping to do many more in the future.

It's great to be back :)


Name: Chance
Location: North Dakota
Costuming Since: May 2011
About me: High school senior who loves to snowmobile, cosplay, prop build, and learn about military history.
Favorite Con: Never been to one, options are pretty limited in North Dakota
Costumes and Props: Agent North Dakota, get it?
It's great to meet all of you and I look forward to hearing more.


Name: Lauren, Lazkin, and Nix
Location: Wood River (Just outside of St Louis MO)
Costuming since: 2012
Favorite Cons: Cosplacon (Colombia/Jefferson City, MO) ACEN (Rosemont, IL) Planet Comic Con (Kansas City, MO) And whatever else I can reasonably afford.
(Spartan always needs updates, Building Elite, Robocop, Gundam and more)


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Name: Saeka (Nathan!)
Location: Rapid City, South Dakota
Costuming since: 2013
About me: Moving back to SoDak within the month. Going to attend the School of Mines and hopefully learn how to make all this gear for realz.
Favorite Cons: Con of choice lately has been Anime Expo in LA, but I'll have to check out nearby cons once I'm back home.
Costumes/Props: Starting a custom Spartan!

Excited to be here! Can't wait to get my costume done and to troop with you lot!


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Name: Cody
Location: Bellevue, Ne
Costuming since: 2007
About me: I currently work at The UPS Store 2220 as a print specialist. Star Wars was my first nerd love and audible is the best thing ever.
Favorite Cons: Nebraskon, RTX
Costumes/Props: Jun armor, ODST armor and Yoko rifles (Gurren Lagann)


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Name: Jason aka Chief (on my airsoft team)
Location: Springfield, IL
Costuming since: Started when I was a kid, but started Halo costuming in 2009
About me: Graduated high school in 1997 and entered the US Navy after that summer. I served a six year enlistment as an electronics technician, 4 1/2 of which I was stationed aboard a Spruance class destroyer. After I was honorably discharged, I started college. During college, I got married and have since fathered two daughters. I graduated college in 2012 with my Master of Architecture degree and am now working on my internship at a small architecture firm in order to get registered as a licensed architect. Lately, my hobbies have consisted mainly of airsoft events and airsoft gun teching (fixing/improving guns for other people). I still have a few Halo-related builds going on, but they're going very slowly.
Favorite con: I have yet to attend a convention, but I hope to some day.


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Name: Trey/Lynn aka Goku
Fredericktown, MO
Costuming since:
About 2007
About me:
I'm a jack of all trades! I have my AAS in Electrical Engineering, and am an AWS certified welder. I work full time for Union Pacific, and spend my free time restoring old autos, building armor, 3D modeling, and designing electronics.
Favorite con:
I'm a regular at KawaKon in STL, but I intent to attend a DragonCon ASAP!

Master Builder

Name: Matthew
Location: Lake county, Michigan.
Costuming since: About a year ago.
About me: Worked with my dad at our family business (making custom cabinetry and furniture) ever since I was old enough to do anything, almost learned everything to run it with my younger brother, until we lost it all to a fire two years ago. Since then I have been a volunteer cadet firefighter. Other than that, I have learned many trades, including wiring, both AC and DC, repairing just about anything, currently learning airbrushing, working on cars, and many more. Hobbies include snowboarding and airsoft right now.

I have loved games ever since I was a little kid. Halo was the first FPS I had ever played. I had played it back when I was 7 at my uncles house and was really hooked. Latter It was Halo CE (custom edition) that really got me into serious 3d modeling and also modding. We all grew up without TV, just computers, so we are all computer wizes.

I am hoping to become a professional 3d modeler and over all game developer in the time to come.
Favorite con: Havent been to any yet, but would supper love to go to one.
Costumes/props: Halo 3 EOD helmet in progress:


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Name: Meth/stewie
location hartford mi
rundown: building amour about a year now love music, animals, wife, and son
Hobbies : battfield 4, guitarist, paintball, hotrods, lowriders, dirtbikes atvs, and car audio
occupation: mobile audio fabricator, automotive paint and body supply retailer
youtube channels: stewartcustomsounds, thomas stewart


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Name: Kellie "MidKnight" Hill
Location: NW Ohio
Costuming since: This year
About me: Writer/Gamer/Cosplayer/Geek
Favorite Cons: Glass City Con, first time Dragon Con attendee
Costumes/Props: ODST and Assassin's Creed, working on next years' list

10629461_951411552191_4833546092688848187_o.jpg DSC04594.JPG IMG_2887.jpg


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Name: Calvin Thayer (CT, Virti, whatever)
Location: Downriver Area
Costuming since: Started building costumes in my junior year of high school with a decent Deadpool costume and started building armor about a year ago
About me: starting college to become a designer (3D modeling, SolidWorks), Superhero/Villain T-Shirt Collector (the ones with body definition), Snowborder, Avid rollercoaster rider and Cedar Point enthusiast, and just being random
Favorite Cons: Haven't gone to one yet but hopefully I will be at Motor City CC next year
Costumes/Props: Working on a pretty brutal version of York from RvB and heres Deadpool *below*


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