Roman Centurion Helm(with crest)


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So, i would put this on the other props section but, as im not allowed...
Well, I'm going to post some photos of my Roman Centurion helmet. I got the model from a mod for Mount and Blade and tweaked it a little bit in pepakura to make it build-able
I think its a pretty good job, and also my first one.
Why post this here and not somewhere else? because this forum and DIY LOMO from YT encouraged me to do this. oh and i got the feathers from AliExpress if you are wondering.
The interior has some padding and its covered in synthetic leather, its entirely made from cardboard glued with hot silicon and afterwards covered with wall filler+white glue.
IMG_20160319_191246.jpg IMG_20160319_191322.jpg IMG_20160319_191350.jpg IMG_20160319_191507.jpg IMG_20160319_191519.jpg IMG_20160319_191608.jpg
So, here it is, what do you think? if you want the pdo files or blend files or something reply