RoxyRoo's Halo 5 Build + Undersuit


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Looking great so far! I really like how in depth you go into your build. The extra detail really helps in understanding how to go about making the undersuit from Halo 4/5. I always get excited when an update comes around :).


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Very nice work Roxy! Love the attention to detail, even in the eventually invisible parts.

As far as your question about uploading pictures without Photobucket, I've been using Google photos for over a year now and it's been good to me. Auto-upload and unlimited storage (@ 16 megapixels or less), plus you can link directly from the photo and organize things into albums. Pretty handy overall.

Looking forward to seeing more!


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Your hand sewing stitches are very even. Nice! Anyway, I am super excited to see your build develop as your previous work was a huge inspiration in my own on-going build.
Happy building, 405th!

Addendum: As for photo uploads, I'm not sure you will want this route as it gives smaller pics, but I upload photos to my 405th album and just attach from there. There is a storage limit, so I constantly remove older pics, but in terms of easy access, I'm very happy with it.


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Awesome work Roxy! It's always cool to see the way you go about doing your builds. They're always very informative and it seems I learn something each time I visit one of your threads. :D

As for uploading, you can do it directly from your computer, they just show up as a smaller thumbnail pic. Click the button that says "Insert Image", then click the tab "From Computer", click "choose file", once you have selected the one you want, click "Upload File", and there you have it. No more uploading to Photo Bucket.

If you have a Google+ account, (They're free) you can install the Google+ Photo app on your phone. You have the option for it to automatically back up the photos online, so there's no need to do it manually. Hope this helps and keep up the amazing work! :D


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has any one else ever thought of just buying a black scuba diving suit for the under suit?

I've seen some people show that they have made that purchase for that purpose, however, as a SCUBA diver, I would not recommend it! It is usually a wetsuit that would copy the look of MC's underarmor, and that does not breathe. You'd keel over from heat exhaustion in an hour or less.