S2 AM Sniper Rifle (In progress.)

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Sorry for the double post! But this is an update!

Hey guys, I just got finished painting the whole damn thing, and I got all the pieces assembled. I made a new muzzle, so it would match the H2 version of the Sniper. I'm also editing the "Scope", trying to make it look more like a scope, rather than just a piece of wood.

It's relatively shorter than the previous version. In fact, I think I'm at v.5 of the sniper. :mrgreen:

Anyways, I will try to find my damn camera so I can take a few pictures. (But this will be without the "Scope". Sorry.)
John-117 said:

Yes, I know. But those pictures are OLD, and the sniper looks Hella lot better now then on those pictures.

blinkava44 said:
thats really rude john.

can you do any better?

and personally i think it looks great

He's right, Blink. But thanks for you compliment. :dee:
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the only thing i can say is that there needs some sanding an i know it is diferent so pls update
oooh! Very nice. I've been looking at some schematics and it shouldn't be to hard to build around an existing lock and barrel. Remove and edit the stock and you got your self a working halo sniper.

Now, to cannabilize some weapons....
this thing is.....god dam awsem!!!!
i like the fact your weps are made of wood and metal.
i imagine that makes them feel realistic.
uhm.. could you take the word "God" out of your post, cuz quite a few people dont like it when people use his name like that
Spartan 110 said:
uhm.. could you take the word "God" out of your post, cuz quite a few people dont like it when people use his name like that

yeaaa...um i respect and such but..its just a phrase man. :shock:
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WHOA! That is some nice peace of equipment you have there Private!

Be sure to keep us updated with lots and lots o´ pictures.

Include some Sangheily headshots for my collection will ya?



P.s. In other words... You inspired my to make myself one! Just have to finish off my MA5C to go with my incoming NAS armor!
Blargity Blarg! Sorry for my inactivity, guys! It's just that I've been busy and stuff. Unfortunately, I don't have any new pictures to show you, but I do have old pictures of the sniper.

These pictures contain horrific content. Dear halo fans, I advise you to turn away.





These pictures I'm about to show you is the finished H1 version of the Sniper. And no, it's not the current version. Please forgive me...
(The current version is the H2 Sniper).



FinAeros said:
I have in Longest. It was fun.

Lookin good!

I made one on 6 years ago... (when i was 9) personally i think my one looks better... unfortunately it's in finland so i cannot get pics until february (currently i am in switzerland).

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