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Sandbagger's Iron Man builds - Now in STEEL.

Discussion in 'Non-Halo Costumes and Props' started by Sandbagger, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    All you will see of the balaclava is below the helmet.

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  2. Jme


    You.....there was a.....nope, got nothing clean to say.

    Except that I have been following this thread for a long time SB and just want to say thank you.

    Amazing work done for an amazing reason by an amazing guy.
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  3. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    God bless ya mate! My thanks go to all of you at the 405th who have supported and encouraged me. Couldn't have done it without you. Starting with Robo3687 and JFCustom and Sharkhead's pep files and all the way down through everyone's suggestions and advice along the way.

  4. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Adverting banners going up in the shops. 12:00 noon until 3pm.

  5. RobotChicken


    Emperor Ming from "Flash Gordon"!! :D
  6. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    To transport the suit safely I thought I'd make some shipping boxes out of wood. I got as far as the largest one for the legs, then gave it away as excessively expensive and time-consuming. Not to mention my joinery is crap.

    I'll finish the leg box and the rest I bought for a fraction of the cost, INCLUDING a matching 250kg trolley!




    All tooling for suit-up and emergency repairs.



    Bits of the suit in boxes.




    This box is a little large for the remaining bits, but I think once the wetsuit is in there wont be masses of room left. All i have to do now is finish that custom wooden box for the legs.

    I'll see if I can re-shuffle once the packaging is sorted out, then I might be able to return one box for a refund.

  7. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Big day today. Finished the box for the legs.


    My friend James sent me a picture letting me know the repulsor tech was finished. He's been slaving all day on them. Guess who got in his car and sped to the other side of Canberra tonight?


    Here he is hard at it connecting repulsor tech.



    Ready for a full test. Videos next post.

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  8. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

  9. RobotChicken


    Maybe put an off button somewhere on the gauntlet so you're not inadvertently activating the repulsor every time you bend your wrist back. Perhaps a second switch on the inside of the wrist similar to the one on the backside so you bend your wrist all the way inwards to enable/disable repulser mode, and then the existing backside switch activates the repulsor only when its enabled.
  10. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Thanks mate. No real need though. I've positioned it so that activation is a deliberate action only, at the very extremity of the handplate's open angle. All other normal movement doesn't even come close.

  11. agentflorida


    Are you planing on making War machine or other variants and Iron man armors / Marks. The highest there is is Mk 43 I believe. There is this game in the Iphone App store that you play as iron man that is similar to one of those running games except you fly and takeout enemies. It has the option to build the armors and use them ingame and it has almost every armor in there from Mk 2 to Mk 42 if I recall.
  12. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Er..... in a word.. no.

    I have a full time job and three kids. With the other projects I have on the go, there is no way I will be doing another steel suit. When you work on one suit for four years and no sleep at night you will know where I'm coming from.
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  13. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Fixed the voice changer crackle, thanks to the help of the Overclockers Australia community.

    Later I will streamline this whole thing, make the unit smaller and fix the power so there is only one power supply.

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  14. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Well well.... They fit. Who'd have thought hey?

  15. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Mark this occasion. Thursday 27 April 8:26pm. The suit is FINISHED!!!!! I might have a glass of wine seeing as there's no Drambuie to celebrate properly.

    Here it is all boxed up, including tools, ready for events.


    Thank you all for following along, sharing my trials, failures, frustrations and successes! I could not have done it without many of you who directly influenced the outcome through your kindness and patience with cranky old me.

    This is the first photo of the beginning of the STEEL Iron Man build. It is dated 11/9/2014 and is the traced templates on to the first sheet of steel for the helmet.


    The cardboard prototype leading up to it started on the 23/3/2014 on one of the boots.

    Last edited: Apr 27, 2017
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  16. agentflorida


    You made this out of steel. Steel. Is steel that easy to bend, cut, and alter or did you resort to wielding and forging/blacksmithing? You have to have some pretty expensive equipment. I was a little late to the thread by 2 years but dang. I hope you got some rest because that post was kinda early if your not on the east coast.
  17. Jackdavid

    Jackdavid New Member

    Mate, I'm a bit late to the party. I'm a long-time lurker on the web, on various forums, never really having the balls to post.

    But this. THIS. This is fucking awesome! Gotta love the Aussie work ethic (I lived over there for 18 months a couple years ago)

    I'd love to see this suit in action. If I ever come back over, I'll get you a couple VB's for your efforts!
  18. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    Yes steel. After cutting it all out using aviation snips, I used combinations of bending, folding, panel beating with a hammer, welding, drilling and grinding. It's really not that hard. Just takes time. I don't have expensive equipment and the welder was borrowed. I actually have very limited equipment, but a capacity to farm out tasks that are beyone my skill sets, collaborating with other talented people out there to achieve the goal.

    Go back and have a read through the thread. It will give you a good understanding of how to go about such a project if you are interested. This is the whole reason why I shared it all. Failures as well as successes.

    I'm in Australia.
  19. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    God bless ya mate. Always up for a beer. :p
  20. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

    A week out from it's first official public appearance, my crew and I ran a full dress rehearsal and function test of the entire suit. We have a few things to tidy up but the suit is now complete and working well.

    Tonight's suit-up. All systems functioning. Lights, Camera, video glasses, faceplate motor, eye illumination, arc reactor, voice changer and repulsor light and sound tech. Thanks to my mates Shane and James for crewing the JARVIS machine tonight! All set for next Saturday in the Hyperdome.

    One of these days I'll do the photo thing in daylight! Probs next Saturday I guess.



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  21. Sandbagger

    Sandbagger Well-Known Member

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  22. agentflorida


    It looks like Robert Downey Jr. is going to be replaced. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  23. agentflorida


    However I do see some exposed areas.
  24. agentflorida


    And do you have a secret tank missile? That would make it perfect.
  25. mblackwell1002


    Haha, while that would be awesome, I doubt there's a missile hidden in there.

    Wow. I've been lurking in the shadows, just watching this bad boy come to life. I have to say, this is amazing. So much hard work and dedication! I am thoroughly impressed...more than impressed; bewildered at what you have accomplished. Well done.

    Well...now that 3 iron...men? are crossed off the list, what's next? :D
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