Sandpaper Grit Order?

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I'm putting down the first coat of bondo to fill in the low spots, however because of things like the knobs on the front of the mask it makes getting in there kinda tricky so using a power tool + smooth grit is out of the question. Since I have to do this by hand in a confined space ill obviously need to start with a low grit and work my way up, what's the order most people use ? 80, 300, 1200? I'm clueless

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Depends on how smooth you want to get it. For me I'd avoid going more smooth than 300 on the bondo layer, as your paint needs to have something to grip on and it'll even up the surface a bit anyway. That said once the paint is dry i understand a lot of people will get into the very fine grit papers to help create the metallic look.


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High grit means it's really rough and aggressive. 40 grit rips layers off FAST. If you are just knocking the tops off the big bumps id start at 60 or 80 grit and work my way down to 200 grit. Then your surface will look good while still having enough grip for the paint to hold on to.
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