Scale Pillar of Autumn Display

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Hey everyone! I've been watching for a while, waiting to submit.

I got tired of looking at my Halo action figures standing blandly on my desk like pieces in a museum, so I designed a display.
It's a shortened cross-section of a corridor in the Pillar of Autumn. Check it out.



On an MDF base, it's otherwise made completely from foamcore and polystyrene. At 1/6 scale, it measures a full 48" wide in front, 36" deep on either side.



I pulled some screenshots into Adobe Illustrator, sized it to scale, traced them out, and cut vinyl templates at my sign shop to follow. It was all cut out, and the thicker pieces were built up using foamcore ribs skinned in .080" styrene. Even then, there was a good bit of trial and error- I ruined two versions of the hall cabinets and one support trying to get it right.



The weathering was a lot of fun. Using the same techniques I use on my R2-D2 (I'm a member at, I detailed the surfaces. Each of the floor tiles were painted and placed individually. My wife was terrified I was gonna get thinned paint all over. haha



The only thing left to do is that I'm going to paint the rest of the corridor continuing down the black area on the back, but that's later. Here's a fun final pic:


I was waiting until I was finished to submit, because I didn't want to look like a low-end noob if it ended up terribly. :mrgreen:

A few questions:

Have you every considered shooting a scale fan file with it? I see some great stop motion potential here!

Have you ever submitted this to Halo.Bungie.Org? Louis would go crazy on this!

Have you every considered writing a tutorial showing how you made this display? Or maybe produce kits so people could make their own?


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Thanks, Sean. I just finished this thing last night, so you guys are the first people in the world to view it yet.

I've done a lot of Halo fan art, but never submitted anything to yet. I'm not sure I even know how- could I ask you to drop- them a line for me? Today is my birthday, and my wife and I are going to a movie and my "party" in a few minutes. I won't be back until late tonight.

I have taken detailed pix of my progress on my R2, but dropped the ball on this one. Maybe I should do another one just for tutorial purposes, and let give it away as some kind of prize. I dunno.

And, no, I've never been good at stop-motion. I'm a graphic designer, comic book artist, and R2 builder, but have never gotten into any animation beyond some Flash stuff. Maybe later...
Way too big

As it is, the section between girders is only half of what it should be (in scale)- I wanted it to actually fit on top of my desk. True to scale, the girders are 18" tall, which would make the entire corridor over 5 feet across! Mine is set up for my corner desk, but that may work better as a single-shelf design. Maybe even a two-story design, like the part in Pillar of Autumn where Master Chief has to run up the stairs to the second level- full of Covies. Hmmm....
Nice gallery on HBO, did you just contact Louis yourself?

Sorry I didn't get your message til today..

Great job on this!
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