Schankerz' First Halo Reach Foam Build

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Schankerz, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Schankerz


    Thanks man! The custom painjohs like this on the helmet take a while to do and are a bit tiresome but man as you can see it really pays off. The paint was actually a suggestion from vivalablake89, it's Craft Smart acrylic paint, I got them at Michaels and they're pretty cheep and worked super well in my case.

    Thanks a ton man! Now that you've pointed it out I I'll see what I can do about those cut details on the helmet attatchment. And I think I'll look more into your felt suggestion, didn't think about doing that before.

    Thanks Thom! I can barely wait to finish painting and start doing some test fits with the final painted product! Then start getting those straps in place and the visor.
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  2. Schankerz


    Small update for today, I got the DMR into the shop on the weekend and was able to start painting.
    Secondly, while I was at the shop I was able to make the barrel pieces out of wooden poles we had lying around in a box.
    And after two days of installing and painting this is what it looks like as of now!
    IMG_2739.jpg IMG_2740.jpg IMG_2741.jpg IMG_2742.jpg
    To give you a sense of scale I took a photo of myself holding it, I even did a proper spartan scowl for you Blackwell. ;)
    It still has a few smaller detail that need to be painted on there, I just don't have the right colours at this moment. The rest of the suit is nearly done painting and I'm going out today to get more nylon straps and buckles so I can start strapping everything together! If I'm lucky I might be able to get a full suit test fit later tonight or tomorrow.
  3. mblackwell1002


    FINALLY! that's a good scowl, but where's the muscle? lol, you just don't get a break from me messing with you, do ya'?.
    I really don't have room to talk, because I'm just as thin as you are.:rolleyes:

    Anyhow, That DMR looks fab!
    I'm just gonna keep saying it, cuz it looks great; but that's a pretty snazzy paintjob...

    *smoke bomb* thread de-railer Blackwell out!:ninja: *sneaky ninja noises*
  4. vivalablake89


    :love::cry:(y) Its alive!!! That DMR looks sweet bro, great job on the paintjob as well! Don't forgot to put a protective clear coat over all your painted items or it will chip and crack much easier.
  5. Dirtdives


    "papeesheewoosh"? mblackwell1002, dude you need better sound effects.....:sleep:

    Hoser Great job on the DMR!!! Fantastic. and yeah, you need a bit of beefing up.....
  6. PaiganBoi


    I love the DMR. That thing looks amazing.
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  7. Thom A293

    Thom A293 Member

    How about some pew pew sound effects? Love your DMR man, that looks really good.
    Im skinny to so for your beefing up, you can use some foam or pads or whatever really. Problem is you will be sacrificing temperature for looks, the more stuff, the hotter you will get.
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  8. Schankerz


    Hmmm....I think I'm starting to get a feeling that I need to go to the gym more often....but no need to worry about that guys, I've done a few test fits and with the full suit on I look WAY bulkier than my weebish noodle-armed self. :D

    I'm going to try and get a test fit of everything tonight to prove it to you all.

    And I must thank you all for your comments on the DMR, I had pretty low expectations for it going in since I'd never done a foam gun of this scale before, but I've gotta say I've blown myself away with the end result and the support from you guys makes it all the better.

    And yes, Blackwell you need some better sound affects before we can allow any more thread derailing from you. ;)
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  9. Thom A293

    Thom A293 Member

    Don't sell yourself short man, that DMR is pretty stink in good and it looks real, especially with that gun black paint job.

    TEST FIT YEAH!!!!!
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  10. mblackwell1002


    test fit? :D

    Dirtdives, I guess I can be right about some things. :p

    Ermm...Pawoosh? Kawack? Kabloohie? good enough?

    (whisper)Selfish, ungreatful meanies with no muscles...

    But, GUYS, I'm a twig, too!
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  11. Schankerz


    TEST FIT!!!
    Take a gander at my non-scronnyness! :D
    IMG_2743.jpg IMG_2744.jpg IMG_2745.jpg
    It's not done of course, going out to a nearby store that sells replacement visors in the next few days.
    Few things I see now looking at the pictures, COD piece needs to come down a bit, which is no problem, easy fix, and I know skin is showing near me hand but that's just because I didn't tuck that side in properly. And I'll probably be getting something that covers my and chin and neck more, all you short ones will be able to see it looking up at me. ;)

    We're nearly there! Just a few more days and it'll be finished!
  12. vivalablake89


    It looks MAGNIFICENT!!!!
  13. Dirtdives


    Sorry but you seen to be short for an ODST.........and your scronnyness still shows through........No Wi-Fi issues there. :D, Great Job Hoser!!!
  14. mblackwell1002


    we've seen. we've gandered...
    you're still scrawny ;)
    but you're Hiding it...Looks fantastic! or...papeesheewoosh. :p
    the paintjob looks great, but I feel that the front of the thighs need more orange color...or, colour.:D I know it's not done yet, but I'm just suggesting.

    But DUUUUUDE!!!! WHERE'S. THE. SCOWL?!? :mad:

    skinny little...backstabber...mphhh.

    Thread De-railer Blackwell out! :ninja:

    but seriously, Great job!!!
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  15. StayFrosty


    Painted stuff is looking good Shankerz! I'm excited to see how the armor paint job will look.
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  16. PaiganBoi


    (y) looking good.
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  17. PerniciousDuke


    So good man! I don't know why Blackwell keeps making fun of you, at 6'7" I'm sure you could squish him with your giant Spartan feet! :lol:

    I think you touched on all the points.. less skin and lower cod... You'll be golden. Or in your case a BA grey/black/orange combo. :) I do agree with Blackwell that you could use a little orange on the front of the thighs. Something simple. Maybe just a couple/few diagonal stripes?

    I'm picturing something like this... and since you haven't sealed it yet now would be a good time to add.
  18. mblackwell1002


    PerniciousDuke, I like your idea, but it doesn't really match his pattern much.
    this is what I was thinking. SCOWL INCLUDED:mad:
    Schankerz just an idea..jpg
  19. PerniciousDuke


    mblackwell1002 I approve of the scowl. Lol.

    Obviously, it is up to the big man himself, but I think that design could work. It would need some real conscious choices though. As is, it looks like he spilt his orange soda in his lap. Hehe. I went with the diagonal lines because it emphasized his height. And if you notice the triple stripe is on his boots. His boots and legs are all us normal folk are going to see anyway. :p

    Plus if you get too crazy with it, it might interfere with the design on the thighs already, which you can't see in the photo because it is behind the pistol.
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  20. Thom A293

    Thom A293 Member

    o_O@mblackwell1002... I don't know what kachlanga-dong is, but you keep that sound effects thing going man, I believe one day one will seam right :p.

    Schankerz that looks amazingly amazing. Really good job on the armour man. I know everybody pointed out their idea of where you should add some more Orange, but in the end it's your build man. Add that Orange where you want. My oppinion, go with the fire patterns like you have on the rest of the suit, just not centered around a certain location where it looks like you spilt Orange juice. Maybe the sides of the theighs and around the base of the shins? The boots are really the only thing that have the three angled stripes on them.

    And that DMR still looks real...
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  21. Schankerz


    So many good suggestions....I definetly agree with adding a bit more detail on the thigh pieces and I was thinking of adding a bit more on the back, I was thinking one section on the back of the COD. I'll see what I can do tonight, here's hoping I can find a visor this afternoon so I an finished everything up, I'm going into a place today that sells replacement visors with my ODST helmet and say "I need something that will fit this!!" :D
  22. comics1996

    comics1996 New Member

    Good luck with the project. If you are smithing them out like I think you said. Then you may have a good sized project ahead of you.
  23. Schankerz


    HUZZAH Pictures! My friend and I went to my towns nearby waterfront in the downtown and got some really awesome photos:
    IMG_2756.JPG IMG_2755.JPG IMG_2754.JPG IMG_2757.JPG IMG_2758.JPG

    So this means my suit is pretty much finished! The pouches have yet to be dyed black and installed but I can do that when I have more time, I've got till September for Toronto Fan Expo so I've got lots of time to do it. That and I'm in the process of getting that Canadian Regiment logo on one of the shoulders.

    It's been one heck of a project and I couldn't be happier with the results, big thanks to all the new friends I made here in cheering me on, giving me advice and making me laugh. I've got plenty of projects to come yet and a DMR tutorial to finish so you haven the seen the last of me yet!

    I'll see you all starside.
  24. PaiganBoi


    The photos and your suit look great. I hope I bump into you at the Fan Expo. Maybe pick your brain for tips. lol.
    I can't wait to see your tut for the DMR. Will definitely love to add that to my growing cache of weapons.
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  25. Dirtdives


    FANTASTIC!!!!!!! great job. Suit looks amazing and you really nailed the painting. My favorite pic is that of the helmet on the floor as you walk away, as if you were in shock at what is happening on Reach.
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