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So, im doing this poject in school and i need your help!

its asking for me to ask a community what they think about the matter on Stem Cell research. ( 405th is community right?)

please answer the poll.

here are some rules.

- if your gonna do the poll, you have to make a post telling your reason y you chose Yes or No.

- you also have to tell me your age and ocupation.

- i need this done by today and i need at least 10 people OVER the age of 18

- if you have other family members in your house, please ask them to answer the questions too in your post!

if you do not wish to post it on the boards, you can PM me! :D

i hope this isn't against the rules :p

well! thanks in advance for helping!

I think stem cell research is great. With proper application of research you would literally be able to grow body parts back like a salamander with three legs :D .

Now human stem cell research is another matter because of issues with experimenting on "humans".

Using an artificially fertilized embryo (not fetus) that is going to die and be thrown away anyway in a lab regardless of experimentation, I'm okay with that.
Using material from the fetus growing inside a pregneant woman, not so much.

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Rocknrollcows said:
thank you for your response!

dont know y the poll isnt showing up :p

oh well.

keep the responses comming people!
what grade are you in
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I'm for Stem Cell research and agree with Sigma's reasoning. With what little I know of the subject, his explanation makes perfect sense.

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Well I'm not 18 or over so I guess I'm not to pitch in my opinion but since we have pro-research thinkers I'll play Devil's Advocate and post some points that could be used against stem cell research. I can't talk about them in detail or else I'd probably end up as me doing your homework for you: I can get to be an over-opinionated, ranting lunatic! :lol:
<ul>[*]The embryo is no less of a person than a child; a child is not full grown yet but has the potential to be and so does an embryo,[*]Consequences of "playing God" unforeseen. We'll likely end up screwing something up irreversibly or this research will lead to riskier things.[*]In vitro research could lead to the exploitation of woman (especially from poor classes) for carrying embryos.[*]We could be spending the time, effort, and resources to solve more immediate problems especially those of poorer nations.[*]Scientists have always researched under the constraints of their community but stem cell research, more than any research before, affects nations, and arguably mankind as a whole. When scientists have been spoiled by doing what they want in their own community in the past, we won't be able to control them and even if we could, we could never set the right constraints as lay people who don't fully understand the science.[*]Stem cell research processes will have to be patented and it's not right for corporations to control genetic material.[*]The ends don't justify the means. In other words, even if we save a million lives it's not worth violating the sanctity of the one embryo's life.[*]We should find an alternative research venue that we can all agree on pursuing.[*]The potential achievements of stem cell research is grossly overstated and so is not worth the time, effort, or resources (or life if you believe in embryos as human life) needed to continue.[/list]
Interesting points.

Not to argue but to mention a couple points you may not be aware of.

1. People already patent genetic material; however, humans are exempt from this rule (the Patent Office made that call last year with that one doctor's mice that had a human chromosome incorporated into their DNA)

2. Just a little fact though that I mentioned before.

Human embryo's get tossed out of fertility labs all the time due to being old or just not having enough space for when new embryos need to be housed.
Also, with artificial insemination they take 4 eggs out and make 4 embryos. Then they implant the most healthy looking two in the mother. (most of the time she still only has one kid)

What do you think happens to the extras if the first try was sucessful... ;)

I'm just saying that if they're getting thrown out anyway we should at least use them to gain valuable new knowledge.

Okay, that's all I'll say. *zips mouth shut*
they can take stem cell's w/out damaging anything, im pro for it, and i think the only reason it is an issue is to try to distract us from the REAL political issues.
just a question: Isn't it true that mouse stem cells are being experimented on as an alternative to human stem cells?
A quick note

Those who walked before want to walk again.

Those who havent walked deserve the chance to

Those who have lived life, lived it

Those who havent deserve the chance.
I say Yes as long as they get it from peoples noses(sp?). You may be like stfu thats not possible but it is it was on the discovery health chanel. but from a unborn baby NO! so probably in most cases no.
Cord blood from a babies umbilical cord that is cut can cure dieases, a few doctors are doing this right now, but the media refuses to reveal this because they are too stuck up about stem cells.
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