Sci-fi Valleycon 2022


405th Regiment Officer
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Hey ya'll, we're just under 2 months away from Sci-fi Valleycon 2022 (June 17-19). Wanted to make a thread here so we can get a head count for those who will be attending. Ashuraa and Kusak will be there again to help out and be running the cosplay repair along with their Snowtiger booth. I have plans to build 1 or 2 newer weapon racks based on AsgardianHammer's design from HOD. Not sure if I'll be bringing the Ghost this year however as it did take up quite a bit of space last year, but if people heckle me enough I probably can.
As always, Gearbox Union will be running their ConQuest so be sure to stock up on trivia questions and if you have any props or armor to donate for the raffle.
We have the option of doing a panel too, but the window for doing that is closing fast, so if ya'll want to do that let us know soon.

Anyway, here's Ethan being Ethan:


405th Regiment Officer
Member DIN
ALL THE WEAPONS! I should be going back into full print mode again soon.

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