Scratch build Snub Pistol


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Hey guys. For the upcoming GOW3 release I'm planning on making a carmine helmet, with a tuxedo, and a snub pistol. after literally HOURS of searching for pep files for the pistol, i gave up on pep and started building one from scrap cardboard. Pics are what it is ATM, after about 2 hours of cutting and gluing. :)
I split the gun into five main parts, frame, magazine(It's not a clip :p), top cover, grip, and side cover. I'm thinking of making this into a pdf so there will finally be one out there on the internet. good idea?


Put together.

More pic will be coming after I glue it all together, sand, bondo, paint, etc.
EDIT1; Pics weren't working so here are the links to them. Today I sanded the cardboard down.