Searching Halo cosplayers from Spain, specifically from Barcelona


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Hello guys I'm searching for Halo cosplayer from Spain, specifically Barcelona, if you know someone. from here can you tell me pleasee?? I want to increase my group of cosplayers from Barcelona. We have an instagram account and a new YouTube acc (not videos yet): @barnacosplayers (instagram), BCNCosplaysAndProps. And please tell me if u know someone.


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I'm quite busy with building Pep's right now. Know anywhere I can find bondo in this country?


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After a long time...

Hi! I'm from Spain. Currently I live in Almería. I'm looking for a spanish regiment, but we are still few.

Ray Vadam

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Hello there!
Maybe I'm late (a lot) but I'm from Spain. I live in Madrid... Y no sé por qué estoy escribiendo en inglés...

Sean Anwalt

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Guys, this thread is three, almost four years old. Beware necro posting, please.

I think there's a place for European regiment threads that you could use to post new threads. That way it's in the right place and doesn't push more active threads down.