Show us where you build!

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Here's my workspace. A drafting table in the basement. It's nice and cluttered, just the way I like it. Majority of my work is done here. Believe it or not, I do some work in a little powder room down the hall. There's a vent in there so when it come to putting things together with contact cement that where all the magic happens. Naturally I will not post a picture of that.


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Thanks for sharing everyone! Who else has a work space to show us?


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I am literally so jealous of y'alls spaces. I live in a dorm. My work space is my dorm room. I sand in my bathtub so I can just wash the little foam pieces down the drain. Right now I can just go spray paint in the grass, but it'll snow soon... Guess I'll have to do it in a dark corner of the parking garage.

I'll post pics for sure so you can cry with me.
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