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I was wandering around the site, exploring its new quarters, and it seems there is a problem with the Signature system. As most of us quite enjoy customizing our signatures, I'm sure at least some of us have noticed that signatures are now restricted to 2 lines and 187 characters (or 153 if spaces aren't included). That doesn't provide a whole lot of room for even my signature, which is merely done that way for organization. Is there anything that can be done, or is it stuck that way?


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Now that you mention it, I don't think I've seen anyone with a signature on the new site

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Signatures can be found under the information tab in your profile.

Restrictions are:
  • 160 Characters
  • 3 Lines
  • 1 Link
  • 1 Image
  • Max Text Size of 3.
We have been using this standard at several of our other communities and it has kept Signatures fairly tight (although with them only being viewable in the information section, the need for brevity is not so great. Let me look at them and see if we can open it slightly.


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I was just fiddling with the signature's tab. I think it works fine for the new standards to help keep things tidy. Everything still carries over, except you need to highlight the text you want the link to be added to in order to transfer threads. That took me a few tries to figure out. :lol: (y)
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