Some 720p Hw Cutscene Screenshots

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Hey guys, Just got done going through probably my favorite cutscene in Halo Wars. Note that these are only in 720p(1280x720), That's how big the cutscene was rendered, sadly not all the way up to 1080p, it was simply upscaled for those playing 1080p. I would get some REALLY sick screenshots if I had a capture card or some form of capturing videos or screenshots from my 360, but I have yet to get ahold of one.

Anyway, I took a about 20 pictures or so of the "Monster" Cutscene near the end of Halo Wars, figured a few of you might like the screenshots for something ;P, I personally needed them for a project though. Just a note that the motion blur of the cutscene's make a few of the movement pictures blurry-esque looking, sorry about that >_<.

A few in no particular order, just a few to preview incase it pique's your intrest.






Full directory can be found here:

Anyone know another decent cutscene? Preferably with lots of spartans, can't recall what's in each one off the top of my head. I'll release what pictures I take, but don't be suprised if they are random, I'm just taking them for specfic refrences.

Hope you guys can potentially use these for something, otherwise just drool all over the place I guess :rolleyes



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I just see the vid and you can see spartan fight and they are so much bad ass.


the stig

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Ah so THIS is why you were in theatre mode and not answering me earlier...
I'll let you off, It was worth it.
Nice job.

Overlord Ian

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Cool, looks like I have a new wallpaper :D I personally loved this game! The cutscenes were epic, gameplay was cool, and again I say THE CUTSCENES WERE EPIC!! :D


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probably my favorite cutscene ever from any Halo game.
this is the first time you really see a Spartan fight and do some hand to hand combat, and it was awesome!


man I was just looking for pictures from that cutscenes for 20 minutes! thank you! I'm going to set some of these as my desktop


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do you have any high def screens of the energy sword?
I have a crappy capture card, so I wouldn't be able to get them very clear.
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